Each November, the eight sorority and fraternity groups participate in an annual review process called the "Award for Excellence." This is a 3-part process that begins with each chapter completing a self-evaluation on eleven areas of chapter programming including:

Academic Excellence, Alumni Relations, Chapter Management, Community Service, College Relations, Educational Programming, Finances, Membership Recruitment, New Member Educations, Panhellenic and IFC Participation, and Social Responsibility.

Once the self-evaluation is completed and submitted, a group of faculty and staff review the application and then host an interview with each chapter during which they clarify the information included in the application and ask reflective questions. The application is then scored against the award criteria and each chapter receives recognition in categories in which they have met or exceeded the award criteria.

The final aspect of the annual Award for Excellence is the specific feedback given to the incoming new chapter officers in January, so they can use the work of their predecessors to make leadership decisions for that year.