Visit Whitman

You're invited to come visit Whitman College. In fact, we really want you to. And it's not just because we like to meet people from all over the globe (we do - our students come from 44 states and 37 countries); and it's not just because we think you'll have a good time visiting (you will). It's because we think that visiting is the best way to experience the reasons why Whitman is the right place for you.

Finding a college isn't like online shopping - yes, you can learn a lot about us by reading our site, watching our videos and reading reviews. But Whitman College is a lot more than a set of data and statistics. It's a community, made up of inspiring students, dedicated professors and caring staff members. And the best way to find out how you'll fit into this community is by seeing it for yourself.

When you visit Whitman, you'll get to choose your activities and learn about the things that are most important to you. You can sit in on classes, stay overnight in a residence hall, meet with faculty, tour campus and much more.

We also offer special visit days each spring and fall that offer even more in-depth sessions on academics, campus life and financial aid.

Ready to visit Whitman? Plan your custom visit experience today.