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Majors & Programs

Looking at a city through a glass sphere held in a hand.


What makes us human? In the Anthropology program at Whitman, you’ll travel across time and space to find your own answer to this universal question.

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Not all Art majors in college let students explore and experiment across different forms. But at Whitman, Art majors gain advanced skills in one concentration while making art in a variety of media.

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Abstract painting.

Art History

Are you fascinated by the stories and ideas behind the art and architecture of diverse cultures throughout history? The Art History program at Whitman will teach you to think deeply about the images, objects and built environments that capture our imagination and shape our lives.

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As one of the only top liberal arts colleges with an Astronomy major, Whitman is an ideal place for you to explore the nature of the universe and satisfy your curiosity through scientific inquiry.

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Biology organisims.

Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology

The Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology (BBMB) major integrates biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to investigate some of today’s most critical life sciences questions in all their complexity and equips graduates with a strong foundation in research to answer them.

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Biology student.


As a Biology major at Whitman, you’ll study all forms of life, from the molecular to the ecological. You’ll do original research alongside amazing professors, and you’ll have lots of opportunities to put your knowledge to work outside the classroom.

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Neuro pathways.

Brain, Behavior & Cognition | Neuroscience

Brain, Behavior and Cognition combines the best of Whitman’s Biology and Psychology programs into one challenging and fascinating neuroscience-focused major. This program will hone your research skills, teach you to think deeply and critically about the mind, and prepare you for a future as a scientist.

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Chemistry students.


With small classes, a hands-on approach to learning, and faculty who have a strong dedication to teaching and vibrant research agendas, Whitman is one of the best colleges in the Northwest for Chemistry majors.

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Great Wall of China.


As a student of Chinese at Whitman, you will explore a range of cultural, aesthetic, and analytical issues all while honing your language skills in a dynamic and supportive learning community.

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Castle European.

Classics & Classical Studies

With the Classics major at Whitman, you’ll unlock the riches of the past through the study of the ancient languages, literatures, histories, arts, cultures, and thought of Greek and Roman antiquity. Learn how these ancient cultures still influence the modern world.

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Circuit board.

Computer Science

Beyond fundamental programming and coding skills, the essence of computer science is problem-solving. As a Computer Science major at Whitman, you will develop the computational skills to create innovative solutions that truly help others.

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Creative Writing

Bring your ideas to life through poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and drama. At Whitman, you can publish in student newspapers and magazines, connect with visiting writers, throw down in the slam poetry club or write for Whitman’s One Act Play Festival.

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Data Science

Explore the crossroads of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science as you learn to ethically analyze and visualize data to tell important stories about the world around us. This minor has wide-ranging applications to science, the humanities, business and more.

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The distribution of resources shapes our world in countless ways. The study of Economics at Whitman will expand your global perspective and help you understand economic behaviors in the real world.

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Chip board

Engineering (3-2 Combined Plan)

Spend your first three years at Whitman. Then transfer to one of our prestigious partner schools to complete the final two years of your Engineering degree. You’ll get a well-rounded liberal arts education alongside in-depth preparation for an engineering career.

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Students talking in the library.


As an English major at Whitman, you can give your curiosity free rein in a close-knit community of supportive faculty and fellow students. You’ll think deeply about a world of ideas in beautiful literary forms while honing your own writing and analytical skills.

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Whitman student in green pasture annotating in journal.

Environmental Humanities

Environmental Humanities invites students to ask one of the most high-stakes questions of our time: How can we live ethical, just lives on a precarious planet? To find your unique answer, you’ll turn to ideas from the arts, literature, rhetoric and philosophy.

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Environmental Studies

The natural world undeniably shapes and is shaped by humans. To understand and influence this interaction for the better, you need the intellectual and practical tools to study environmental issues from multiple points of view.

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A poster on a light pole that says 'Every Human Has Rights".

Ethics & Society

Explore Philosophy through the lens of ethical and social issues like climate change, criminal justice, biomedicine, animal rights, and racial and gender justice. You’ll learn to understand, analyze and communicate with others about complex moral question

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Film reel.

Film & Media Studies

The Film and Media Studies major at Whitman allows you to learn the basics of film editing and production, work with professional film equipment, and work closely with other students and faculty as you unpack the history and theory of global media communication.

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News paper highlighting business topics and graphs.


Learn the ins and outs of accounting, banking, investment, personal and corporate finance, and more. This minor from the Economics Department can help prepare you for a global career in business or a graduate-level business program.

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Squirrel on a tree

Forestry & Environmental Management

Want to work outdoors and have a positive impact on the environment? After three years at Whitman, you’ll be prepared to transfer to Duke University, where you can go on to complete a master’s degree in Forestry or Environmental Management.

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Assorted french literature.

French & Francophone Studies

When you major in French and Francophone Studies at Whitman, you don’t just learn a language. You discover the fascinating impact of the French-speaking world on global literature, history, technology, environment and culture.

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Red tinted black an white images showing shadows created by someone's body

Gender Studies

What is gender? Explore the complex human experience of gender identity and sexuality with Whitman’s Gender Studies major. Informed by anthropology, history, language and literature, politics, psychology and more, you’ll learn to make sense of and positively influence the world we live in.

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Students smiling.

General Studies Program

Our General Studies program is designed to give every Whitman student the skills to succeed in upper-level courses, solve complex problems, make meaningful connections between disciplines and develop their individual voice. This is the heart of a liberal arts education.

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A sheet of rock showing its layers.


If you’re fascinated by the ground beneath our feet, enjoy hands-on learning outdoors, and want to study the impact of geological forces on human society, the Geology major at Whitman is one of a kind.

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Open German book.

German Studies

Discover the language, literature, culture and history of the German-speaking world. At Whitman, you’ll study canonical texts as well as diverse authors and thinkers often excluded from other German Studies programs.

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Book Shelf

Global Literatures

In this minor, you’ll dive into the literatures of the Chinese-, French-, German-, Japanese- and Spanish-speaking worlds. From Japanese haiku to French films to Hispanic graphic novels, this is reading beyond boundaries.

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Global Studies

This concentration allows you to place yourself and your community in webs of natural, economic, cultural and social connection that defy geopolitical borders. As you explore global themes, you’ll learn to engage with difference and challenge your own assumptions.

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City busy with people.

Hispanic Studies

The Hispanic Studies program at Whitman goes well beyond the typical college major in Spanish. Hispanic Studies is an exciting exploration of language, culture, ethnicity, gender studies, visual culture and popular culture.

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The arches of an older building.


How we understand the meaning of the past has crucial implications for our present and our future. As a Whitman History major, you’ll learn how to think critically about human history and develop an appreciation for its complexity.

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Writing on notes.

Human-Centered Design

This concentration brings together diverse perspectives to help you understand how people interact with the designed world—and how to create solutions that put people first. It will supercharge your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Fist raised in awareness from people at a gathering.

Indigeneity, Race & Ethnicity Studies

What do race and ethnicity mean? How do they intersect with gender, class, nation and religion? The Indigeneity, Race & Ethnicity Studies major at Whitman will give you the tools to understand social issues of the past and present—and to work toward a more just world.

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Mountain with fog around it.


As one of the only liberal arts colleges in the U.S. that offers a major in Japanese, Whitman is an ideal place for you to increase your understanding of Japanese language, literature and culture.

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Temple Latin.

Latin American Studies

Study the language, literature, history, politics, economics, society and culture of Latin America. This fascinating minor offers rich insights into an influential area of the world stretching from Mexico to Chile.

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Image of the globe focused on Europe and Africa.


Majors in Biology, Geology, Psychology, Religion and Sociology can enhance their major with coursework and off-campus studies in French. Earn the equivalent of a French minor while exploring the connection between your major and the French-speaking world.

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Writing on dry erase board.

Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics hold the power to foster abstract thinking, problem-solving skills, and the ability to identify and communicate patterns. Those are also hallmarks of a liberal arts education. So it makes sense that the two blend perfectly at Whitman.

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Student playing a cello.


At Whitman, the Music major can help you unlock your full potential through comprehensive courses in music composition, history, theory, performance and production. By exploring a variety of genres, honing your performance skills and collaborating on original works, you’ll develop a deep appreciation for the complexities of sound as an art form—and the skills to prepare you for a successful music career.

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Turtle underwater.


Discover the wonders of the marine world. Over five years of combined study, you can earn your Bachelor of Arts in Biology or Geology from Whitman alongside a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography from the University of Washington.

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Student reading a philosophy book.


Studying Philosophy at Whitman College will guide you in a rewarding pursuit of knowledge, ethics and the meaning of life that will whet your curiosity. On your way to a Philosophy degree, you’ll explore the answers to life’s great questions, like: What is a good life? What are our obligations toward others? And how do we create a just society?

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Physics students in the lab.


Physics uncovers how the systems around us work—from subatomic particles to clusters of galaxies. As a Physics major, you’ll learn to leverage that knowledge to advance our understanding of the universe and solve everyday problems.

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students studying in the library


Understanding and using political power effectively requires a deep knowledge of our world. That’s why Whitman’s Politics degree encourages students to take full advantage of our liberal arts environment to explore politics from multiple perspectives for a broad intellectual foundation.

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If you’re curious about the complexity of human behavior, Psychology may be a good major for you. Through critical analysis and creative scientific studies, Whitman’s Psychology program offers amazing insights into why we humans do what we do.

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Whitman is an ideal place to explore religion and the way it filters into every aspect of life. Your coursework will push you to be a flexible thinker as you explore the diverse ways people worldwide make meaning of their lives. In Whitman’s tight-knit Religion Department, you’ll benefit from professors and peers who will challenge and support you.

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Teacer and student talking.

Rhetoric, Writing & Public Discourse

The Rhetoric, Writing, and Public Discourse major at Whitman will sharpen your communication and critical thinking skills and give you tools for social change. You’ll learn to make persuasive arguments, speak confidently in public and understand power dynamics.

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Crowd on the street.


Sociology reveals patterns in the way we organize and interact as people. It sheds light on everything from the media to our criminal justice system to our connection with the natural world. In both the Sociology and the combined Sociology-Environmental Studies majors at Whitman, you’ll gain the tools to understand how your story intersects with bigger social forces.

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Statues Buddha.

South Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Immerse yourself in South Asian and Middle Eastern philosophy, history, politics, art and religion. If you’re considering a future in these influential parts of the world, the South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies major at Whitman will give you the cultural understanding to be successful.

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Basketball player.

Sports Studies, Recreation & Athletics

From varsity athletic teams to skill- and theory-based courses, there’s an activity for everyone at Whitman. Plus, you can take advantage of facilities like our fitness center, pool, aerobic/dance studios, racquetball courts, tennis center, climbing center and much more.

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Theater performers.

Theater & Dance

Whitman’s Theater and Dance Program offers something for everyone. Whether your passion is performance, direction, choreography, theatrical design, technical production or theater history, you can explore it here in our supportive, tight-knit community.

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