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Careers, Professions and the Liberal Arts

While social trends and economic pressures may bring emphasis on “job training” in many types of institutions, Whitman remains confident that its role as a liberal arts college meets many crucial needs of society. For students who can identify their own interests and abilities, inform themselves about opportunities, and do some careful planning, an educational foundation in the liberal arts has proved to be the best of resources.

A large percentage of Whitman graduates continue their education in graduate or professional schools. For those who seek careers immediately after graduation, positions have been found in fields such as journalism, sales, teaching, library work, publishing, radio and television, research, advertising, personnel, public relations, insurance, banking, transportation, production and manufacturing, retailing and government.

Advisors in the academic departments and in the Career and Community Engagement Center talk regularly with students about advanced study and about immediate and long-range occupational opportunities. In addition, the college has selected special pre-professional advisors in the areas listed below, to help in those areas of interest which warrant particular attention because of their general appeal.

Business Management


Foreign Service

Health Professions


Library and Information Science (LIS)


Public Service

Social Work and Human Services

Sport Studies, Recreation and Athletics


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