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Post-Graduation Teaching Opportunities

There are many pathways into a career in education. The path you choose will depend on what and where you want to teach and whether there are alternative certification options apart from the traditional master's programs.

Check the State-by-State Certification Requirements:

The best way to learn about the teaching certification requirements for a given state is just Googling "Teaching Credential [Enter State Here]" or follow these links:

Official Sites

Third-party sites

  • Curated Information for all 50 States - - including...
    • Detailed information on what it takes to become a certified teacher 
    • Career information and profiles for jobs within the field of education - including salary and job outlook 
    • State by state certification/licensing information 
    • State by state teacher shortage information 
    • Expert advice via interviews 
    • Information written by experienced and certified teachers, administrators, and teaching professionals
  • Link to state requirements, opportunities, and average salaries -

Learn about national  and international "non-traditional" options...

Note that the CCEC also provides information about Graduate School and Careers in Education