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Students elected to membership

Elected spring 2024:


  • Sam Allen
  • Lise Arrouye
  • Ruby Beard
  • Merry Cockcroft
  • Sueli Gwiazdowski
  • Tali Hastings
  • Clare Hermanson
  • Aidyn Hills
  • Pearl Kim
  • Nana Kumagai
  • Asta Liffick
  • Jas Liu
  • Jozie Munch-Rotolo
  • Camryn Pettenger-Willey
  • Keathley Pinney Brown
  • Lenie Redder
  • Libby Sanders
  • Anna Schreier
  • Madeleine Sherry
  • Katie Stewart
  • Emma Wait
  • Olivia Wing


  • Sophia Bianco
  • Eliza Daigle
  • Ivy Hicks
  • Samantha Miller
  • Madeline Senter

Elected in 2023 as a junior:

  • Holly Hermanson

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