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Academic Coaching

We often have students ask for advice about how to successfully transition to the college atmosphere. One really important thing to keep in mind is that Whitman's rigorous academic environment often requires changes to the study habits that got you here. The combination of unstructured time, increased independence, and the accelerated pace and intensity of academic work can be really hard to balance!

How can the ARC help?

We often find that students view academic success as "earned" only if it's been an individual personal struggle. However, there is tremendous value in reaching out for help and accepting it when it is offered. We're here to help you study more effectively so that you can reach your academic goals without sacrificing your other commitments or finding yourself unable to relax and enjoy social or personal time. 

Academic Coaching Meetings

One-on-one sessions designed with your particular goals in mind. Strategies and topics can include goal-setting, time management, reading and study strategies, and overcoming procrastination. Regular meetings also encourage accountability and can build towards establishing personal accountability.

Mid-Semester Grade Reports and Academic Standards Meetings

Sometimes life happens and it can have an impact on your academics.  When it reaches the point where you receive a mid-semester grade report or an academic standards status at the end of the semester, the ARC is here to support you!  These meetings are often about understanding what has happened and working with you to create a plan to ensure the best outcome possible.

Wall of Resources

The ARC provides a variety of tools, ideas and resources to help you succeed in your studies! We have hard copies available in our office and electronic versions online.

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