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Whitman Online Terms of Service

The following sets expectations for how students and alumni must use the Whitman Connect platform.

Professional Responsibility Agreement
As a member and participant of the Communities on this platform, I am preparing to professionally network and will be held to high ethical standards and responsibility. I recognize that the administrators of Whitman Connect and Whitman College hold themselves and their constituents to the highest level of professional integrity and social responsibility.

Honesty & Integrity:
I recognize that my actions will reflect upon me, fellow participants and Whitman College. I will provide accurate information in all materials and actions during my networking, communications, and career-related activities while interacting on or off premises with those in my organization and the community.

Professional Code of Conduct:
I will communicate and present myself professionally, while being courteous/respectful in my interactions (in person, in writing, by phone, video chat or email) and will:
● Behave in a professional, courteous and non-discriminatory manner at all times. I agree to review and comply with Whitman's policies on sexual-misconduct and on non-discrimination.
● Manage/Monitor my digital identity content (including text, voice and picture). This includes ensuring that my voicemail messages and email address are professional and make reasonable efforts to remove material professionals may deem inappropriate or unprofessional.
● Acknowledge calls, emails and invitations, and respond appropriately in a timely manner (within 24-48 hours).
● Attend all scheduled one-on-one interactions with other participants. I will provide two business days’ notice for any cancellation, if possible.
● Choose a public location if meeting in person.

Networking Terms & Conditions:
In addition to adhering to the policies and principles on the Professional Responsibility Agreement, I will abide by the following:

Do’s & Don’ts
● Do ask for advice, information, and other contacts
● Don’t ask for a job or internship
● Do send a brief thank you letter or email after networking with a contact
● Don’t expect networking contacts to automatically share their network contacts
● Do follow up with contact
● Don’t spam a contact with multiple emails or stalk with multiple phone calls

Consequences of Inappropriate Behavior:
● Removal from the program

Sharing of User Data:
● Some or all program administrators will be able to view all information that I add to my profile and all communications that I send through the platform. The College does NOT routinely monitor communications or content sent within the platform. Should any contact be received that is felt to be an inappropriate use of the platform, or is in violation of any of the College’s code of conduct above, please use the report functionality within the message to flag it, or contact college staff at alumni@whitman.edu.
Please review wisr’s guidelines if you have any questions.

By registering for and participating in Whitman Connect Communities, I understand and agree to the above policies and principles, which have been established to ensure my professionalism/character while interacting with others on the platform.

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