Alumni Board President, Aaron BlankDear Member of the Class of 2019,

Welcome to life as a graduate of Whitman College! Congratulations on completing your Whitman journey, you’re joining over 17,000 living alumni who have come before you and thrived in their post-college lives. I know it’s a bit scary, but you’re going to be fine. Do you know why? Because you’re not setting out alone, you have a dedicated, ready and willing community here to help you. And we want to share our knowledge; so many of us (myself included) got to where we are today because of a connection that an alumnus/a forged for us. We’re all over the nation, and the world, it’s amazing where you’ll find a Whittie!

We are here to support you and want you to be stay connected and active through the programs and events we sponsor and organize, including:

  • Career Networking ( e.g. Whitties Helping Whitties)
  • Social Events
  • Faculty and Staff Presentations
  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Recreational Opportunities
  • Reunions

If you have suggestions for alumni events in your area or ideas for improving communication, please let me know, contact the Alumni Office at or 509-527-5167, or any member of the Alumni Board. I love hearing from recent graduates and sharing my Whitman story, and passing along the wisdom I've accumulated.

My parting gift to you is a piece of advice that came to me from my advisor: after graduation he told me that you can’t really screw up your life until you turn 27. What does that mean? It means you have a grace period before you have to settle down. You have time to try things, and if they don’t work out, time to refocus and try something else. For me, this took a huge amount of pressure off, I had thought I needed to have it all figured out the moment I received my diploma. Learning that I still had chances to screw up and reboot was one of the best things anyone could have ever told me.

Don’t be shy, reach out and ask for our expertise. We’re here for you! And congratulations again, you’re going to do GREAT! I hope to see you soon at an alumni event and can’t wait to hear what is next for you.

All my Best,

Aaron Blank, ‘01
President, Board of Directors
Whitman College Alumni Association

P.S. Please be sure to keep Whitman updated with your contact information so we can keep you informed of the many exciting events and programs organized for you.