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Faculty Service Award

The Faculty Award for Service to the Alumni Association is given yearly to a faculty member who has distinguished himself/herself in service to the Alumni Association. Although this service may take any number of forms, the underlying theme involves strengthening and maintaining ties between the College and its alumni. Examples of service include participation in alumni gatherings, both on and off campus, and assistance in the planning/implementation of alumni events.

The 2022 Faculty Service Award Winner, Kurt Hoffman, Professor of Physics

Kurt Hoffman

Professor Kurt Hoffman has been sharing his time and scholarship with Whitman College alumni for more than 15 years. Showcasing student research and engaging in meaningful conversations both on campus and on the road, his genuine curiosity and his warm, welcoming, Mid-West charm have made him a favorite among alumni. From demonstrating acoustics in grand indoor and ancient outdoor spaces in Europe to 3-D printing and tuning whistles, he has gone above and beyond to share lifelong learning opportunities with the alumni association.

Always willing to assist in any way, this year Professor Hoffman worked closely with the Alumni Relations office, seeking alumni working in the climate change arena to include as presenters for the Academic Theme: Climate Reckonings, Climate Justice. His enthusiastic support of the Alumni Association, as well as his efforts to lift up alumni working in the field of climate change, has earned him the 2022 Faculty Award for Service to the Alumni Association.

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