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CARE Team & Report

What is the CARE Team?

Whitman College's CARE Team - or Coordination Assessment Response Education Team - is a group of staff members who meet regularly to discuss issues relating to the academic, emotional and physical health and safety of our students and campus community. This group works together to assess reported behaviors of concern and provide resources and support to students who may need it.

The CARE Team is an interdisciplinary, cross-campus group of professionals whose mission is to:
  • Assess, intervene, and provide timely resources and support for students with need.
  • Support students experiencing challenges that might lead to a disruption in their education.
  • Encourage a culture of community care.

The CARE Team is a resource for any member of the Whitman community, including staff and faculty, students, parents or community members, to share concerns about behavior or actions that concern you.

What should I report?

The CARE Team is a comprehensive group that combines information about academic, emotional and physical health to create a more accurate picture of how a student is doing, with a goal of providing support to facilitate success.

Signs that a student is in need of additional support may include:

  • Changes in academic performance, missing classes, deadlines, falling behind.
  • Changes in personal care or routine, withdrawing socially, excessive drinking or drug use, aggressive or out of control actions, dangerous risk taking.
  • Talking about harming themselves or others.
  • Any change in the person that makes you feel uncomfortable, uneasy or worried that something is going on.

Students face many stressors while attending college, from academic concerns to new social situations to pressures or issues from home. If you don't feel comfortable talking to a student about what may be happening in their life, contact the CARE Team. You may use the form below to send a concern, and issues may be reported anonymously. You can also email care@whitman.edu.

CARE Team Members

Report a Concern

Emergency and After-hours Situations

If a student is in an emergency situation and needs immediate assistance, call the Security Office at 509-527-5777, or call 911 with their location.

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