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Graduation Requirements

A degree from Whitman College represents more than just academic achievement—it signifies a transformative educational experience that prepares graduates to lead fulfilling lives and make meaningful contributions to society.

All degree requirements must be met to obtain a diploma:

  • 124 or more combined credits completed—a total of Whitman College, transfer, AP, and IB credits.
  • 54 or more Whitman course credits completed. 
  • 44 or more Whitman course credits earned in regularly-graded courses (no P-D-F, CR/NC)* 
  • 2.00 minimum GPA for Whitman courses and combined credits. 
  • Completion of First Year Seminars: General Studies 175 and 176.
  • Distribution completed (Note: AP, IB and P-D-F graded courses do not count toward distribution).
  • Major requirements met and Major GPA 2.00 minimum. Each part of a combined major must also have a minimum 2.00 GPA for each area of the major.
  • Senior assessment in major study passed or passed with distinction.
  • No more than one-third credits for any major are transfer credits (unless the specific department limit is lower). 
  • No incomplete or deferred grades outstanding.
  • Minor requirements met (2.00 GPA, all transfer courses approved, and all credit and course requirements met), or minor will be removed.
  • In residence during the last two semesters or Board of Review residency waiver approved.
  • Participation in Commencement is required. If all degree requirements will not be completed prior to Commencement, must have at least 116 credits completed by the end of Spring semester or have petitioned the Board of Review for approval to participate.

* P: Passing—credit earned for those courses completed under the P-D-F grade option in which the student has received the equivalent of a C- or better grade. CR: Credit for a course graded on a credit-no credit basis. NC: No Credit is granted for a course graded on a credit-no credit basis.

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