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Wall of Resources

Image of the Academic Resource Center's Wall of Resources

Being a successful student isn’t just about going to class and taking exams. It also means developing solid academic skills such as time management, note taking skills, test taking strategies and more! The ARC staff provide tools and resources for your use as you further hone these skills. All of the resources listed below are also available as hard copies in the ARC (Olin Hall 334).

Time Management

Study Skills

Additional Planning Tools

  • Class Schedule Planner: Map out your semester schedule prior to registration, with space for multiple options. This is especially useful if your registration time is later in the day and you find yourself needing a back-up class. 
  • Four-Year Planner with Graduation Requirements Checklist
  • Possible Major Planner: Intended for students that may have narrowed down their number of potential majors to two or three, this planner helps you envision your academic future and decide which major is the most appealing and attainable.
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