Struggling in a class?

We’ve all been there. Whether it is one section or the entire course, sometimes a little extra support is needed to grapple with the concepts and make it through. At Whitman there are a few options for getting that support!

Faculty Office Hours:  Your first resource is your faculty! Check your syllabus or their listed office hours in MyWhitman to see when your instructor holds office hours and plan to make good use of that time. If their office hours conflict with a class or other commitment that you have, you can always ask to schedule an appointment at a different time.

ARC Peer Tutoring: If working with a peer tutor either 1:1 or as a part of a small group seems like the most appropriate option for you, just fill out the request form to let us know which course you are looking to get a tutor from. You will then receive an email with the name(s) of an approved tutor and information on how to schedule an appointment. All tutors are students who have taken the course, received a B+ or higher, and been recommended by their instructor. If you request a tutor in a course that we do not currently have covered we will reach out to you to discuss options to get the support you are looking for.

ARC peer tutors also host drop in hours for quick questions and supported study times in specific subjects. Drop in tutoring occurs in both Olin 334 and STEM Hub (note subjects such as chemistry can occur in either location) Check out the drop in tutoring schedule for details.  

Departmental Supports: Some departments offer their own additional support. Physics, math, and computer science are examples. Language departments also offer some tutoring support. There is also the STEM hub which provides some tutoring and study groups within STEM disciplines.

Check your syllabi for information from your instructors on supports outside of the classroom.

Peer Academic Coaches: Much like tutors, these are strong students who are available to work with you on a 1:1 basis. Unlike tutors, their role is to work with you on developing academic skills such as time management, study skills, test taking, and note taking. If you wish to work with a Peer Academic Coach, please submit the request form and look for an email with name(s) and contact information to schedule your appointment. You can also find a selection of helpful handouts online or in Olin 334.

The Center fOr Writing and Speaking (COWS) is the place on campus to go for individual consultation on writing and speaking and for senior thesis writing support. See more on the COWS page. 

Want to become a tutor?

Becoming a tutor: Are you a strong student in at least one subject area and feel confident that you can support your peers by guiding them through course content? Has a faculty member recommended that you become a tutor? Are you looking for a paid position on campus with flexible hours that also allows you to work with concepts relevant to your chosen field of study? Apply to become a tutor today! Your first step is to submit your application via Handshake. You will be asked to provide a current resume, cover letter, and a list of the courses you wish to tutor along with the names of your instructors. Once this information has been received, we will reach out to those instructors to request recommendations and then follow up with you directly for next steps.