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ARC Peer Tutors and Academic Coaches

ARC Peer Tutoring

If working with a peer tutor either 1:1 or as a part of a small group seems like the most appropriate option for you, just fill out the request form to let us know which course you are looking to get a tutor from. You will then receive an email with the name(s) of an approved tutor and information on how to schedule an appointment. All tutors are students who have taken the course, received a B+ or higher, and been recommended by their instructor. 

While we work to ensure we have tutors available for courses that tend to be in high demand, we cannot guarantee that all courses will have tutors available. If you request a tutor in a course that we do not currently have covered we will reach out to you to discuss options to get the support you are looking for.

Peer Academic Coaches

Much like tutors, these are strong students who are available to work with you on a 1:1 basis. Unlike tutors, their role is to work with you on developing academic skills such as time management, study skills, test taking, and note taking. If you wish to work with a Peer Academic Coach, please submit the request form. You will then receive an email with name(s) and contact information to schedule your appointment. You can also explore the Wall of Resources, available both online and in the ARC, Olin 334 for a series of handouts.

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