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Rachel Haughton and coworker taking pictures in a field.

Rachel Haughton '24 with Beaver Coalition in Asotin, WA

Devon Player talking with coworker at the Freedom Project.

Devon Player ‘23 with the Freedom Project in Renton, WA

Shahrom Dehoti posing with Harvust team members.

Shahrom Dehoti '24 with Harvust in Walla Walla, WA

Riley Kraft holding up a RNA scope in the Zelikowsky lab.

Riley Kraft ’23 with the Zelikowsky Lab in Salt Lake City, UT

Alex Muller feeding a rescued squirrel.

Alex Muller ’23 with Think Wild in Bend, OR

Why Should I Find an Internship?

An internship is an opportunity to apply what you've learned in the classroom in a new way. Internships allow you to explore career fields, develop skills, expand your network, and figure out what you're good at. 

Internship, Resume & Cover Letter Assistance

Students and recent alumni can schedule appointments with members of the Career team via Handshake for resume and cover letter review as well as developing, finding or securing an internship. Assistant Director for Internship Programs, Nadine Stecklein, is available for appointment scheduling on Handshake as well as our Student Career Advisors

Parker Dewey Micro-Internships

Parker Dewey Micro-Internships provide students from all majors with the opportunity to execute professional assignments to build and demonstrate skills while exploring a variety of career paths. Employers may use Micro-Internships to improve the effectiveness of hiring efforts or for some immediate help on projects if they or their team are overloaded. Visit the Parker Dewey website for more information.

Whitman Internship Grant

The Whitman Internship Grant can provide funding for students to participate in unpaid internship experiences at nonprofit, some for-profit, and government organizations during the school year, Fall or Spring semester, and during the summer. You can reach out to Assistant Director for Internship Programs, Nadine Stecklein, for more information regarding the Whitman Internship Grant.

America Reads/America Counts

America Reads/America Counts enhances primary- and secondary-level reading and math skills of children in Walla Walla while providing Whitman College students (especially those who qualify for work study) the opportunity to give back to their community, gain professional experience, and earn money. You can learn more about ARAC by talking with Marisol Becerra, ARAC Program Coordinator. 

Ben Rabinowitz Award

Given in honor of former Whitman College President Tom Cronin, the Ben Rabinowitz Award assists students with demonstrated leadership skills who wish to implement new projects or learning opportunities that promote compassion in medicine or politics and enrich the campus community. You can learn more about the Ben Rabinowitz Award by talking with Noah Leavitt, Director of the Career and Community Engagement Center.

Community Fellow Program

The Whitman Community Fellow Program funds a cohort of juniors and seniors to spend an academic year working part-time at a prominent Walla Walla organization to address some of the area’s social, economic and cultural challenges. You can reach out to Director for Community Engagement, Abby Juhasz, for more information about the program.

Whitman Student Consulting Corps

Started in August 2019, the Whitman Student Consulting Corps is a three-year pilot program funded by a Core Grant from the Sherwood Trust that brings benefits to both local nonprofits and Whitman students. The basic goal of the corps is to provide high-level, broad-based management consulting to nonprofit organizations in the Walla Walla area. You can learn more about the program by talking with Shelly Rasmussen, WSCC Program Coordinator and our Community Consulting Specialist.

Internship Search resources:

The Student Career Advisors (SCAs) are peer career liaisons of the Career and Community Engagement Center. They review resumes, cover letters,  assist with job applications, Whitman Internship Grant applications & process, connect you with the Career Pathfinder and/or Whitman Connect, plus offer guidance in Handshake. They are available during their drop-in hours or for a 1:1 appointment that you can schedule over email. 

Handshake is a social-media style job and internship platform for undergraduates and young alumni. Activate your account to access Career Development events of the Career and Community Engagement Center plus you'll be able to schedule appointments with our Career team for resume review, cover letter help, identifying internship resources, talking about the Whitman Internship Grant application process, or just to talk about your future plans whether you have anything or not! 

The Whitman Internship Database contains years of past internships held by Whitman students. You can search and filter by location, major, and keywords. These internships were eligible for the Whitman Internship Grant. 

Whitman Connect is Whitman's proprietary database of alumni searchable by location, industry, occupation, major, campus groups & activities, and more. Through Whitman Connect, students can research and contact alumni who have volunteered to support students’ professional exploration and preparation in a variety of ways. Please note that this tool is a private environment for professional conversations between students and alumni. A positive, professional demeanor and responsible conduct is expected. Please do not allow others to access this resource with your login credentials or use the platform for soliciting anything beyond career mentorship or advice.

Videos of Whittie Internship Experiences

Whitman students know that learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. That's why so many students participate in internships during their time at Whitman. We followed some of them to learn more about the most rewarding parts of their time on the job.

Erina Horikawa '19 - Walla Walla Valley Farm to School
Matthias Argenyi '18 - Goldman Sachs
Jillian Briglia '19 - Northwest Film Center
Andy Burnstein '20 - Holocaust Center for Humanity
Kaitie Dong '18 - Refugee Women's Alliance
Noah Edelson '18 - eWind Solutions
Emma Hansen '20 - Wild Salmon Center
Emma Lungren '19 - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Suzanna Officer '19 - Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean
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