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Pathways Leadership Program

What is the Pathways Leadership Program?

Pathways Leadership Program (PLP) is a self-directed leadership program that engages interested Whitman students in personal growth and development over the course of their time at Whitman. Through active participation, students are critically engaged in various co-curricular activities, allowing them to challenge the conventional norms about what it means to be a leader in our ever-evolving society. Over their four years at Whitman, students will develop a personal narrative that reflects their cumulative leadership experiences, allowing them to articulate their growth and development in their pursuits for life after Whitman.

PLP is based on the Relationship Leadership Model developed by Susan R. Komives, Nance Lucas and Timothy R. McMahon in their book, "Exploring Leadership for College Students Who Want to Make a Difference."

How it Works

Leadership Coaches are staff members on campus in a variety of roles but are all committed to supporting and encouraging students along their journey of leadership development.  Coaches help students make meaning of their involvement at Whitman and assist students in pursuing intentional growth opportunities.

Students participating in the PLP will periodically meet with a coach.  This will generally be whenever a student completes one of the four stages of the program.  The coach will help students reflect on their leadership development and provide guidance for their progress.

The Four Stages

  • Participate in the Opening Week Leadership Experience
  • Attend the Student Activities Fair
  • Join at least one student club, organization, or activity on campus, WhitLife.
  • Attend workshop on Relational Leadership Model
  • Involve yourself in two or more leadership workshops on the following topics:
    •  Self-Awareness
    • Purpose
    • Inclusivity
    • Empowerment
    • Ethics
    • Process
  • Write a short reflection piece on each leadership workshop attended
  • Meet with a leadership coach after attending required leadership summit workshops.
  • Hold two leadership roles in a group or activity, which could include involvement in clubs, campus jobs, musical groups, community service programs, or one of the many other activities at Whitman
  • Write a reflection piece for each of these experiences
  • Meet with leadership coach to reflect on your experiences and set goals for future development
  • Identify leadership development goals and write an action plan to engage in a substantial leadership learning experience
  • Review plan with a leadership coach
  • Present plan to other student leadership participants for peer feedback
  • Revise and submit an action plan for final approval to proceed
  • Execute plan, using leadership coaches for reflection throughout plan
  • Evaluate leadership experience and present findings and learning to peers
  • Weave your experiences of leadership at Whitman into a personal narrative
    • Review your previous reflections
    • Situate your leadership as part of the Relational Leadership Model
    • Articulate what leadership after Whitman means for you
    • Set goals for your life after Whitman
  • Present your leadership narrative to the Leadership Program coaching team

Finale — Celebrate joyfully

When you complete all stages of the Leadership Pathways Program, you will be recognized by receiving a Pathways Leadership Award at the spring leadership celebration.

Get Involved

Part of PLP is getting involved on campus. Here are a few places to start:

Life at Whitman
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