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Basic Information

“Enter largely into the common life. That is the advantage of rooming in a dormitory, you are in touch with your fellows and you share their good times. The student who rooms in a private house is at a disadvantage, for he is outside of the daily close companionship and earnest, joyous life which makes college days forever memorable.”

– President Stephen Penrose in the 1910-1911 Student Handbook


Our residence hall philosophy is based on the concept that the academic and residence living experience must be integrated, and student involvement is the method we use to accomplish this goal.

The residence life program at Whitman College depends upon student involvement at many levels in an attempt to enhance the classroom experience and bring what is learned there to life. The experiences we seek to create in residence halls and interest houses are ones which enable an individual to learn and grow.

We believe that through the development of self-confidence and autonomy our students gain a more fulfilling academic experience. Not only that, but the residence life program assists students in becoming leaders and successful community members. Through residence life experience students develop a sense of belonging to the larger college community. At its optimum, we believe that the residence hall experience helps maximize one’s potential for individual development, growth, and sense of community.

FAQ | Living at Whitman | Living with a Roommate | Residence Hall Living: The Sequel | Residence Hall Agreement

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