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Q: What size bed sheets do I need to bring?
A: We highly recommend extra long twin size sheets for an 80 inch bed. Most mattresses are 80 inches. In Prentiss the mattresses are 76 inches, but 80 inch sheets will work and if you move to another hall you can keep the same sheets. Stanton Hall, which is for sophomores, requires XL-full size sheets.  

Q: What is my room assignment? Who will be my roommate?
A: We will mail your room assignment and roommate’s name and contact information in early August. We do our best to match you with a roommate and assign you to one of your top choice residence halls. We encourage you to contact your roommate over the summer to coordinate what you are bringing to campus.

Q: I have two roommates. What does this mean?
A: There are a few triple rooms located in each of the first-year halls on campus. They are all bigger than standard double rooms, and are furnished for three students including beds, desks, and wardrobe space for three people. Most of the triple rooms have three internet ports; for the ones that don’t, Technology Services will loan you a hub so that three people can still connect to the internet in the room. Some of the triples have two rooms while others are large one-room triples. All triples measure between 225-270 square feet. 

Q: Can I connect my computer to the campus network from my room?
A: Yes, as long as your computer meets the minimum network requirements. We recommend bringing an ethernet cable. There are enough ports in the residence hall rooms for each student to have access to one. Many places on campus (the Library, the Academic Buildings, the Campus Center, all Interest Houses, and all residence halls) are set up for wireless internet access. For more information see: http://www.whitman.edu/content/wcts/support/network/resnet

Q: What furnishings are provided in each room?
A: Beds, mattresses, mattress covers, chests, mirrors, desks, desk chairs, closets or wardrobes, draperies or mini blinds, bulletin board, and telephone. All furniture provided must stay in the room.

Q: What do the residence halls and houses look like? How are the rooms configured?
A: Please see the residence hall and interest house sections of this website.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Bedding, bath towels, wash cloths, hand towels, pillows, a study/desk lamp, waste/recycling basket, clothes hangers, iron, alarm clock, fan, flame retardant decorations, silverware, a couple plates, bowls and cups/mugs.

Q: Is there anything that I should not bring?
A: You’ll probably want to see your room and talk to your roommate before you decide to bring any large items. Many of the things that you will need you can purchase in Walla Walla. There are several national chain stores to choose from in town including Walmart, Safeway, Rite-Aid, Marshalls, Albertson’s, and Staples. There are also a variety of locally owned stores and a bookstore on campus. The Tri-Cities are about an hour away from Walla Walla by car and have just about every national chain store in or near Columbia Center Mall. Some halls organize trips to the Tri-Cities early in the semester. Do not bring a bed, a desk, a powerful stereo system, a full size refrigerator, halogen lamps, candles/incense, AC units, or double-sided permanent foam sticky tape/squares. We also recommend that 1st year students do not bring a car (see below). Also use surge protectors instead of extension cords. We also recommend that 1st year students do not bring a car (see below).

Q: Will Whitman provide me with summer storage space?
A: Yes, each residence hall has its own storage unit but space is limited. On-campus storage is available for personal items, clothing, and anything that can be packed into reasonably sized boxes. (Note: boxes are not provided by the college!) You cannot store furniture, refrigerators, or other oversized objects as we simply do not have the space. Flammable substances and tires may not be placed in storage and valuable items are stored at your own risk. We ask you to look into obtaining off-campus storage if you need to store larger items or items of great value. Off-campus storage can be obtained cheaply in town, especially if shared amongst a group of friends.

Q: What kind of pets may I have in my room?
A: Only fish and small aquatic turtles are allowed.

Q: I’m an athlete/debater and need to arrive early. Who do I contact to find out where I’m staying?
A: Please contact your coach. Coaches make all arrangements for athletes and debaters who arrive early to campus. 

Q: Do I need to bring a car?
A: First year students are strongly encouraged not to bring a car. There is a newly remodeled grocery store, and many other stores downtown within walking distance of campus. Everything in Walla Walla is within walking or biking distance. Walla Walla also has a great bus system that goes out to the mall and the other shopping centers for 50 cents each way and bus drivers do not carry change. Parking around campus is very limited and students may find that they need to park a block or two from their residence hall. For more information on public transportation see: http://www.valleytransit.com/

Q: Which halls have air conditioning?
A: None of the halls have year-round air conditioning. Prentiss Hall has air conditioning for the summer only. In every hall you will want to be sure to buy or bring a fan for August and early September when it can be somewhat hot (in the 90s F) in Walla Walla. The humidity in Walla Walla is very low all year.

Q: How are the residence halls and houses cleaned?
A: A professional custodial staff cleans all of the residence hall public areas including hallways, lounges, and bathrooms on a daily basis (Monday-Friday). However, they do not pick up after students. So, as a student, you will need to do your part to keep your things in your room or put away. The only exception to this is the Interest House Community, where house chores are done by the residents on a rotating basis and each house is professionally cleaned once every two weeks. All students are responsible for their own rooms or apartments. They are also responsible for doing their own dishes in hall kitchens and lounges. Vacuums and cleaning supplies are provided in each hall for student use.

Q: What is my mailing address or where can I send a care package to a student at Whitman?
A: All students have a post office box and receive mail at the Reid Campus Center. To send a letter or package to a student simply address the item to:

[Student's name]
Whitman College
280 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, Washington 99362

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