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Spirituality House

The Spirituality House opening in Fall 2024 for student residents is a 3 bedroom house that will house an average of 4 students. Students living here have the opportunity to live out the fullness of their religious, cultural, spiritual, moral, and philosophical traditions/explorations in relationship with others.
The Spirituality House provides a space for creative discussion and dialogue across differences for students of diverse commitments from the world’s religions, as well as seekers, agnostics, and humanists. By living together in an intentional community, we seek to create a safe environment for exploration, mutual understanding, and relationship building.
Residents of the Spirituality House are responsible for completing weekly chores, having active involvement within the house and the Interest House Community, and promoting Spirituality House sponsored events and activities. Residents and visitors honor the food preparation and dining practices of various religious communities and moral commitments, including, but not limited to, halal and kashrut, vegan and vegetarian dietary traditions. Living in this house is not limited to any particular identities a student may hold. Rather, residents will be focused on providing programming, community building, and learning opportunities for students across campus in regards to religious, cultural, spiritual, moral, and philosophical traditions/explorations at Whitman and the world.
The Spirituality House is affiliated with the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and the house advisor comes from this office on campus, located in Reid Campus Center. At least once in the semester, the house adviser is invited over for dinner to discuss the programs that the Spirituality House residents are planning for the semester.
The Spirituality House will feature a dedicated space for prayer, meditation, or reflection.
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