***Important notice: As we respond to the COVID-19 risk in our community, Whitman College staff will be working remotely. For this reason, all transcripts must be sent electronically using the National Student Clearinghouse transcript ordering service. Please email registrar@whitman.edu if you have any questions and thank you for your understanding.***

**Grading/Registration Procedures, Spring 2020**

These procedures have been distributed in the past by either the Board of Review and/or the Teaching and Learning subcommittee.  

  • The extension for submission of senior grades is being extended to May 27 at 9am (the same deadline that applies to returning student grades).
  • This extension will not change the original date of graduation (May 24) on diplomas or transcripts.
  • Faculty will submit standard letter grades to the Registrar and students may choose to keep the grade, or choose PDF or W (see the next items for details).
  • All students will have the option to choose PDF or withdrawal with a W grade from any or all classes once grades have been released on May 27.
  • Graduating seniors will have from May 27 to June 3 to make decisions on letter grades, PDF grades, or withdrawal with a W grade for any classes for this spring.

  • If a student chooses the PDF option (and has a grade other than F), that course will be allowed to count towards the General Studies Program, which includes distribution, Encounters, and the writing proficiency requirement (RWPD 170). It will also count toward most courses in the major or minor. As noted in the college catalog, certain departments have course-specific requirements for grades.  In such cases, the department should let the Registrar know whether those requirements stand, or whether a P and/or a D is sufficient to fulfill the requirement.

  • Returning students will have until the end of the second week of the Fall semester to finalize their choice of grade method or withdrawal from any or all classes for this spring. This will allow reflection with advisers on how their choices impact their academic record.

  • Information about Honors:
    • Seniors working to attain Honors in Major Study may not opt for PDF in their thesis class.  If returning students opt for PDF, a P grade may not be converted to a letter grade in the future to improve their major or cumulative GPAs and thus help them to qualify for Honors in Major Study or Latin Honors. 
    • The deadline for submitting honors theses to the library has been extended to May 20.

  • OCS students may also transfer in P grades from the OCS programs.

Final exams.  All faculty should adhere to the general academic calendar.  This includes conducting classes until the end of the semester and holding final exams and exercises during final exam week (May 14-19).  Within that time frame, faculty are encouraged to be flexible, however. Sticking to the published final exam schedule is neither expected nor encouraged.  If administering a final exam through Canvas, for example, faculty are encouraged to make the exam available for several days so that students in different time zones and facing different circumstances may take it when their schedules best allow.

The staff of the Registrar's Office welcomes the opportunity to answer questions and to assist with any concerns related to academics on the Whitman campus. We are committed to establishing and maintaining a strong collaboration with students, faculty, and staff and to engaging in and supporting innovation to improve the effectiveness of the office's services. Please stop by and meet the staff and give us your thoughts on how we can better serve your needs.

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Important Dates

August 21 - Convocation 2020 

August 24 - First day of Classes for Fall 2020