***Important notice: As we respond to the COVID-19 risk in our community, Whitman College staff will be working remotely. For this reason, all transcripts must be sent electronically using the National Student Clearinghouse transcript ordering service. Please email registrar@whitman.edu if you have any questions and thank you for your understanding.*** 

Transcript Request Form

Types of Transcripts

Official Transcripts

Transcripts describe the student's full Whitman academic record and are certified by the Registrar's Office to be complete and accurate. All official transcripts bear the school seal, are mailed in a special envelope, and are
endorsed by the Registrar.  Virtually every academic institution and many employers require an official transcript prior to admitting or hiring the student. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)of 1974, transcripts are released to a student or a third party only upon receipt of a request that includes the student's written signature.

Unofficial Transcripts

In certain instances an employer or agency may not require an official transcript,and thus will permit the student to submit an unofficial document. Unofficial transcripts do not have the same level of security or confidentiality as official transcripts, but can be provided more quickly, thus serving the student's unique needs more effectively. Alumni or former students requesting an Unofficial Transcript simply may indicate on the signed request form that an unofficial transcript is needed. While paper official transcripts appear in specially marked envelopes, include a security seal, and display the Registrar's signature, unofficial transcripts can be faxed, attached to an email or mailed by less-secure surface mail. An official paper transcript appearing in an unsealed or opened letter is considered to be unofficial and therefore may not be accepted by a third party.

How do I order a transcript?

Please note that financial obligations to the college MUST be satisfied before we can release a transcript. If you have any questions, feel free to call us 509-527-5983.

  • Current students requesting an unofficial record of classes may obtain their Unofficial Transcript via the web portal my.whitman.edu.

Transcripts may be ordered via

  1. Internet/Electronic 

***Prior to ordering see Special Ordering Instructions, below***

Ordering Electronic Transcripts

Whitman College offers an official e-transcript through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Electronic PDF transcripts can be ordered by clicking the link below. There is a $3.25 charge per transcript. 

To order electronic transcripts use the National Student Clearinghouse transcript service. 

To check on previously ordered electronic transcripts use the Transcript Order Status tool.

You may place as many orders as you like in one session.

Order updates are available via text message and/or email. You can also track your order online using your email address and order number.

Special ordering instructions

The following four options are available when ordering transcripts; however only #1 and #1 are available at this time. 1) send transcript at this time, 2) send transcript after grades for this term are recorded, 3) hold for pick-up, and 4) send unofficial transcript as a PDF via email.

Send transcript at this time

Transcripts are usually mailed within one to two working days of receipt of the request. Any classes that you are currently taking will not appear on the transcript.

Send transcript after grades for this term are recorded

You can request that a transcript be sent once grades for the current term have been recorded. Transcripts are usually available three weeks after the end of the semester.

Whitman College has agreed to work with SCRIP-SAFE International to provide the option of delivering academic transcripts electronically.  This partnership allows Whitman to provide official transcripts either to network recipients or to recipients outside the network (i.e., “OneTime” service) to any third party anywhere in the world at any time.  This additional service provides the fastest delivery time, is totally secure, and provides you and Whitman with a means of tracking delivery and receipt of the e-transcript.

●  Network Delivery:  Many colleges, universities and other agencies are members of this secure network and actively receive electronic transcripts.   Check the list of network recipients to determine if your intended destination is a network member:


▪  Your transcript is never delivered by email.  Instead the recipient is notified by email that your transcript is available for retrieval at the specific “one-time” URL identified in the email. 

▪  Ask the receiver to “white list” @escrip-safe.com (so that your request is not blocked by a spam filter).