This page contains Whitman Transcript Information. To access a printable version of the transcript request form, click here

Types of Transcripts

Official Transcripts

Official Transcripts describe the student's full Whitman academic record and are certified by the Registrar’s Office to be complete and accurate. All official transcripts bear the school seal, are mailed in a special envelope, and are endorsed by the Registrar. Electronic transcripts also may be considered official. In partnership with SCRIP-SAFE International, Whitman College has added Transcripts On Demand, an electronic request service, and eSCRIP-SAFE, an electronic transcript delivery service. Virtually every academic institution and many employers require an official transcript prior to admitting or hiring the student. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, transcripts are released to a student or a third party only upon receipt of a request that includes the student's written signature.

Unofficial Transcripts

In certain instances an employer or agency may not require an official transcript, and thus will permit the student to submit an unofficial document. Unofficial transcripts do not have the same level of security or confidentiality as official transcripts, but can be provided more quickly, thus serving the student’s unique needs more effectively. Alumni or former students requesting an Unofficial Transcript simply may indicate on the signed request form that an unofficial transcript is needed. While paper official transcripts appear in specially marked envelopes, include a security seal, and display the Registrar’s signature, unofficial transcripts can be faxed, attached to an email or mailed by less-secure surface mail. An official paper transcript appearing in an unsealed or opened letter is considered to be unofficial and therefore may not be accepted by a third party.

Current students requesting an unofficial record of classes may obtain their Unofficial Transcript via the web portal

Please note that financial obligations to the college MUST be satisfied before we can release a transcript. If you have any questions, feel free to call us (509) 527-5983.

How do I order a transcript?

Transcripts may be ordered by the Internet, postal service, fax or in person (also see Special Ordering Instructions, below). Current students, or recent graduates, may also use their Whitman email accounts to request transcripts. Simply send an email to with the information indicated on the standard request form. Transcripts processed completely by Whitman are issued free of charge.

Ordering by Internet - Transcripts on Demand

This service, provided by SCRIP-SAFE International, allows alumni and students to order official transcripts (paper or electronic) 24 hours a day, seven days a week using a web browser. A similar service formerly was provided by the National Student Clearinghouse.

The Registrar's Office receives notification of your online order, and then processes the request during regular business hours. Order updates will be emailed to you and you can check your order status and history at any time online. Whitman College charges $0.50 per transcript, and SCRIP-SAFE adds a $3.00 processing fee for each recipient (i.e., transcript addressee).

You may order your transcripts through the link below, and will receive directions on how to create an account. To create your account, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Go to “Don’t have an account?” and select Whitman College from the dropdown list, then click SIGN UP
  • Fill in all of your information on the Recipient Info Screen and click CONTINUE
  • Go to the upper right hand corner of the next screen and click CONSENT FORM
  • Click DOWNLOAD FORM (then OPEN it)
  • Print the form, sign and date it, and then submit it by any of the options listed
  • Your account is now ready! Anytime you subsequently need to order transcripts from Whitman College just login and follow the first 3 steps. There is no need to re-fax for future requests.

Electronic Transcript Delivery - eSCRIP-SAFE

This service provides the fastest delivery time, is totally secure, and provides you and Whitman with a means of tracking delivery and receipt of the e-transcript. Requests are handled through Transcripts on Demand (see above) and are subject to the same fees.

Whitman can provide official electronic transcripts to any party (e.g., graduate schools, employers, or anyone with a valid email address). There are two options for electronic delivery:

  • Network Delivery:  Many colleges, universities and other agencies are members of eSCRIP-SAFE's secure network and actively receive electronic transcripts.
  •  OneTime DeliveryIf your intended recipient is not a network member (this includes transcripts sent to yourself), your transcript still can be delivered electronically. Recipients are designated and identified by you, the requestor, via the recipient’s email address.

 Your transcript is never delivered by email. Instead the recipient is notified by email that your transcript is available for retrieval at a specific “one-time” URL identified in the email. 

Important! To insure prompt delivery and receipt, make sure the recipient knows that you are sending them an electronic transcript and that they will accept the electronic version.  Ask the receiver to “white list” or approve the domain "" (so your request is not blocked by a spam filter).

To Order Electronic Transcripts:

Follow the directions listed in the “Ordering by Internet” section above, and select “Electronic Transcripts” as the delivery method.

Ordering by mail (Whitman-only processing)

You can print and mail the request form, or send us a letter including the information requested on the form. Make sure to use your full name from when you attended Whitman, and your Whitman ID number if you know it (this will help us to process your request more quickly). Mail the completed form or letter to:

Registrar's Office
Whitman College
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Ordering by fax (Whitman-only processing)

You can print and fax the request form, or fax us a letter indicating the information requested on the form, to (509) 522-4431. Please be sure to include your handwritten signature.

Ordering in person (Whitman-only processing)

To order a transcript in person, visit the Registrar's Office located in Room 212 of Memorial Building, and fill out a Transcript Request form.

Special ordering instructions

The following four options are available when ordering transcripts: send transcript at this time, send transcript after grades for this term are recorded, hold for pick-up, and send unofficial transcript as a PDF via email.

Send transcript at this time

Transcripts are usually mailed within one to two working days of receipt of the request. Any classes that you are currently taking will not appear on the transcript.

Send transcript after grades for this term are recorded

You can request that a transcript be sent once grades for the current term have been recorded. Transcripts are usually available three weeks after the end of the semester.

Hold for pick-up

You can personally pick up transcripts at the Registrar's Office. In such cases, the transcript is stamped "This official transcript was issued to the individual named in a sealed envelope. Invalid if envelope seal is broken." If the envelope is opened, the transcript will be considered unofficial. Currently enrolled students will receive notification on their Whitman email account that their transcripts are ready for pick-up. Former students also should provide an email address so they may be notified when their transcripts are ready for pick-up.

Send unofficial PDF to email address

You can request that an unofficial copy of your transcript be emailed to you. Make sure you include your email address in the "Student Information" section and check the box in the delivery options section on the Transcript Request form.

Expedited Delivery Option

The only method of expedited delivery available is Federal Express (FedEx).  For current students, a specified amount will be charged to your student account. For former students, a FedEx number is required. If you do not have a FedEx account, you can create one through the FedEx web site. Another option is to order your transcript online via Transcripts on Demand, details above. Call the Registrar's Office at (509) 527-5983 for more information.

Whitman College has agreed to work with SCRIP-SAFE International to provide the option of delivering academic transcripts electronically.  This partnership allows Whitman to provide official transcripts either to network recipients or to recipients outside the network (i.e., “OneTime” service) to any third party anywhere in the world at any time.  This additional service provides the fastest delivery time, is totally secure, and provides you and Whitman with a means of tracking delivery and receipt of the e-transcript.

●  Network Delivery:  Many colleges, universities and other agencies are members of this secure network and actively receive electronic transcripts.   Check the list of network recipients to determine if your intended destination is a network member:

▪  Your transcript is never delivered by email.  Instead the recipient is notified by email that your transcript is available for retrieval at the specific “one-time” URL identified in the email. 

▪  Ask the receiver to “white list” (so that your request is not blocked by a spam filter).