The Transfer Equivalency Report (TER) shows transfer courses and how they apply to a Whitman degree. The report for any given student is not available online through CLEo, but rather, is emailed as a PDF attachment to the student and their academic advisor when credit is entered.

When Academic Evaluations show transfer credit, it is listed by transfer equivalency. When transcripts show transfer credit, it is listed by the course number and title at the institution attended. The TER shows how these two pieces of information match up.

Below are links to two PDF documents explaining how to interpret what appears in a TER. The first file shows and explains an example of regular transfer credit. The second file shows an example of how AP or IB credit, or a Language Placement Test, would appear.

If you have any questions or concerns about this information, or transfer credit in general, please contact Pam Fowler in the Registrar’s Office at or by phone at x5982.

TER - Regular Transfer Credit

TER - AP, IB, and Language Placement Tests