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Replacement Diplomas

If you need to order a replacement diploma, please complete the request form or provide the following in a letter and mail it to our office. If you have any questions on this process, please contact Jennifer McNeil at via email mcneiljl@whitman.edu. Additionally, if you are out of the US, orders may be emailed.

Replacement Diploma Request form

1.  Assurance that the original diploma has been destroyed or is irretrievably lost.  If your diploma was damaged, please enclose it with your request.

2.  Your full name when a student in attendance at Whitman

            Years of attendance
            Date of graduation

3.  Proof of identity:

            Date of birth
            Copy of Drivers license or other ID

4.  Return address clearly noted and email address in case of questions

5.  Your signature.

6.  Check for $75.00 should accompany order (add $10 for cover if desired). Please contact us for details on wire transfers if you are out of the US. Check should be issued to Whitman College.

7. Mail payment and form (or letter) to the following address:
    Whitman College
    Registrar's Office, Attn: Jennifer McNeil
    345 Boyer Ave
    Walla Walla, WA 99362

Please note:

   The replacement diplomas will be in the current format and size.  Signatures may not be authentic.

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