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Meeting the Challenges of Today’s World

At Whitman College, you'll think critically about the complex issues facing our world. You'll develop impressive depth in your chosen major, but you'll also expand the ways you think and understand the world, preparing you to solve whatever challenges lie ahead. Whether you're ready to find a job you love, go to graduate school, or launch your own business, your Whitman experience will help you forge your own path.

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You’ll Be Ready!

From First Year to First Career

At Whitman, the team in our Career and Community Engagement Center—and your own dedicated Career Coach—will help you advance and find exciting, valuable opportunities. With the center’s expert guidance and resources, you’ll create your own unique Whitman story.

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What’s Your Dream Internship? We’ll Pay for It!

Unlocking possibilities and connecting your skills and passions to what comes next is our commitment to you—made possible through the Whitman Internship Grant. Our Career and Community Engagement Center is here to help you not just with internships, but so much more! Let us be your source of motivation and resource for success.

Jose Silva ’25

Jose Silva ’25

Throughout the school year and summer, I interned with Hernandez Immigration Law in Walla Walla. This internship was one of the biggest, most rewarding experiences I have had as a Whitman student. Though there were moments when learning about the immigration process was difficult and upsetting, it helped me prepare myself career-wise by working with attorney Wendy Hernandez on how to manage these cases and what the necessary steps were to move forward. I feel incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help people in their immigration process in the ways I was able. This experience has not only shaped me as a student but as a person, and I will take it with me wherever I go!

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Elissa Corless ’23

Elissa Corless ’23

I interned at the Walla Walla Juvenile Justice Center teaching culinary lessons and sustainable gardening practices to residential youth. Walla Walla Valley Farm to School Executive Director Erendira Cruz entrusted me with developing curriculum and collaborating with local organizations to lay the foundation for a permanent program. I look forward to handing over this position to a future Whitman student who can continue sowing seeds of change within our community through educating and uplifting at-risk youth. With continued support, I know the garden program will thrive!

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Nana Kumagai ’24

Nana Kumagai ’24

Translation and interpretation made up more than half of my internship work at Tokyo Journal. Although I have worked on translations before, in this internship I was exposed to translating and interpreting stories to a degree I had never experienced before. I am grateful for the Whitman Internship Grant for allowing me to experience this work of thinking otherwise and thinking from other viewpoints

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Where Can a Whitman Education Lead You?

begin careers
enroll in graduate school
receive a prestigious fellowship

Go Anywhere with a Degree from Whitman

Whitman graduates are truly making their mark in the world. From researching at Tesla, to caring for patients at Seattle Children's Hospital, and developing the future of social media at Snapchat, the opportunities are vast and varied. Wherever you want to go, a Whitman degree can get you there.

What Are Our Alumni Doing?

From leading tech startups to founding nonprofits, our alumni make a difference across industries and passions. Get inspired by their stories and see how you can make your own impact on the world!

Klaudia Kyjovska ’22

Klaudia Kyjovska 22 started at Whitman with an interest in economics. Now, at Trilogy Search Partners, she works every day with other Whitties to advance peoples dreams.

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Grace Fashanu ’22

At Whitman, Grace Fashanu was a student-leader building communities grounded in justice for all. Now at the FDIC, she works daily to apply that value in the banking industry. 

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Cameron Conner

Cameron Conner ’20

Cameron Conner ’20 was a student leader passionate about making a difference. As a Watson Fellow, Conner examines how communities come together to meet their needs. 

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Salma Anguiano

Salma Anguiano ’22

Serving as an advocate in her community and at Whitman, Salma Anguiano ’22 is still learning about how to help others near and far.

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Juan Pablo Liendo

Juan Pablo Liendo ’21

At Whitman, Juan Pablo Liendo ’21 was a student-leader curious about making impactful change. Now, at the Seattle Foundation, he works daily to foster that change.

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Arthur Shemitz

Arthur Shemitz ’17

Inspired by policymaking while he was a student, Arthur Shemitz ’17 goes the extra mile to reimagine government at the Centre for Public Impact.

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Heather Lovelace

Heather Lovelace ’15

Called to medicine since she stepped foot on campus, Heather Lovelace ’15 works every day toward getting others healthy and moving again.

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Tyler Calkin-Low

Tyler Calkin-Low ’09

Now teaching those whose shoes he was once in, Tyler Calkin-Low ’09 continues to build a career in art, drawing inspiration from his Whitman education.

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