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Pasco Airport Shuttle

Need a ride to or from the Pasco airport for fall, winter or spring breaks? The Grape Line Bus offers daily shuttles to and from Walla Walla and the Pasco Airport.

Additional outbound shuttles to Pasco Airport

In addition to their regular 11:55 a.m. (or 11:50 a.m. from Cordiner Hall) scheduled shuttle, Grape Line will be offering one additional bus, if needed, at this popular time only. Reservations must still be made in order to determine if an extra shuttle is needed. These possible extra shuttles will be on Fridays and Saturdays at the start of each break: Nov. 22-23; Dec. 20-21; and March 13-14.

Additional inbound shuttles to Whitman College

In addition to their regular 3:25 p.m. scheduled shuttle from Tri-Cities Airport, Grape Line will be offering one additional bus, if needed at this time, for returning trips. Reservations must still be made in order to determine if an extra shuttle is needed. These possible extra shuttles will be available on Sundays at the end of each break: Dec. 1, Jan. 19, and March 29.

Reservations can be made for any of Grape Line's regularly scheduled shuttles found on its website.

All shuttles require a reservation to be made online or by phone to guarantee a seat on the bus. 

When making reservations online, you can request to be picked-up in front of Cordiner Hall or at the Valley Transit Station with other commuters.

Travelers should plan to arrive at the loading site at least 15 minutes before departure time and allow 55-60 minutes for each trip. Pay attention to airport departing times and allow plenty of time to get to the airport, especially during seasonal weather conditions.

Grape Line shuttle rides cost only $15 (non-refundable) for each trip. To make a reservation and payment, go to grapeline.us. Payments must be made via credit card and will be made to Grape Line Bus.

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