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Club and Organization Learning Outcomes

Students who are a part of clubs and organizations at Whitman College will learn:

Personal Identity (personal level)

  • Meaning making: explore issues of personal purpose, beliefs (why am I doing what I’m doing?); articulate personal values and beliefs
  • Self-awareness
  • Think critically about issues and personal responses
  • Ethical/moral development
  • Discretion
  • Value learning/identify learning in co-curricular experiences
  • Connecting co-curricular experiences with academic lessons

Relational Skills (group level)

  • Inter/intra-group collaboration
  • Communication skills
  • Delegation
  • Controversy with civility
  • Group management and development

Group Identity (community level)

  • Inter/intra-group collaboration
  • Articulate purpose of group
  • Analyze and think critically about campus issues and campus climate and group response
  • Pragmatism
  • Redundancy awareness
  • Citizenship: group role within community

Hard Skills

  • Knowledge of resources and available “tools”
  • Fiscal management & budgeting
  • Idea actualization/event planning
  • Record-keeping
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