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Equipment Available

We have 8 rafts total available for rent. We have the capacity to rig:
-4 16' oar rigs with large frame that accommodate 1 large 110 liter Yeti cooler and 2 dry boxes
-3 14' paddle rafts (can carry up to 8 people) 
-1 13' paddle raft (can also be set up with small frame for fishing/short overnight trips)

Raft packages include:
Paddle Raft Package: raft, pump, paddles, helmets, pfds, thwart gear bag, and straps

Oar Rig Package: raft, frame, 3 oars, helmets, pfds, pump, 2 dry boxes, 1 large 110 liter Yeti cooler, 1 fire pan, 1 groover (toilet) and supply box, wood cockpit floor, repair kit, bar table, oar towers, and extra straps

Not included in package but available for rent include: dry bags and apparel. See rates on rental rates page.

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