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Sports Studies, Recreation and Athletics

Kim Chandler (Director of Athletics and Chair, Sport Studies, Recreation and Athletics)

Whitman’s SSRA program offers a variety of activity and lecture classes, as well as intramurals, club and intercollegiate athletics. The broad-based program is designed to meet the physical and recreational needs of the college community and to enhance the quality of life and learning of all who participate.

SSRA courses are a broad array of activity courses designed to provide experiences and training opportunities within a diverse mix of physical education, recreation, fitness, and individual and team sport offerings. Additionally, SSRA offers a handful of theory Classroom

Suggested Courses:

  • Sport Studies, Recreation and Athletics 137, 153, 200, 308, 390, 395.
  • ry weight training, speed and agility training, yoga, Pilates, swimming, or one of several sport offerings.
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