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Physician Assistant

Many PA programs have expanded to select students completing bachelor’s degrees. Most programs require two to three years to complete certification. The requirements are provided in the PAEA Program Directory. See the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA) website: www.paeaonline.org

The courses most frequently required for admission include:

  • Biology — Biology 111 Principals of Biology, 127 Nutrition, 205 Genetics, 221 & 222 Human Anatomy I & II and labs or 310 Physiology and 330 Human Physiology, 339 Microbiology
  • Chemistry — Three semesters, to include inorganic, organic, and biochemistry
  • Mathematics — Mathematics 128 Introduction to Statistics or 247 Statistics with Applications
  • English and Writing — Two semesters of courses from English (literature or creative writing) or Composition (Rhetoric, Writing, and Public Discourse 170, 210, 320)
  • Social Sciences — Psychology 110 Introduction to Psychology required. Psychology 230 Social Psychology.

Note: Requirements vary greatly. Many schools require courses in human anatomy. Some will allow Comparative Anatomy (Biology 315).

How do I apply?

Physician Assistant Schools participate in the common application (CASPA) administered by the Physician Assistant Education Association.

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