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Honorary Degrees

Date Name Degree
2024 Cecilia Kang ’94 Doctor of Letters
2023 Amber Ebarb ’03 Doctor of Humane Letters
2022 Stephen E. Hammond ’79 Doctor of Humane Letters
2022 Mark Anderson ’78 Doctor of Humane Letters
2018 Ashifi Gogo ’05 Doctor of Humane Letters
John Stanton ’77 Doctor of Humane Letters
2017 James L. Robart ’69 Doctor of Humane Letters
Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg ’01 Doctor of Humane Letters
2016 Mary Yu Doctor of Humane Letters
2014 Robert Manning ’80 Doctor of Science
  Sally Jewell Doctor of Science
2013 Eric Idle Doctor of Humane Letters
Morten Lauridsen ’65 Doctor of Music
2012 Eric Schlosser Doctor of Humane Letters
Colleen Willoughby ’55 Doctor of Humane Letters
2011 Meda Chesney-Lind ’69
Doctor of Humane Letters
2010 James K. Hayner
Doctor of Humane Letters
  Juan Williams Doctor of Humane Letters
2009 Bishop Othal Hawthorne Lakey ’57 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Bill Priedhorsky ’73 Doctor of Humane Letters
2008 William Gates, Sr Doctor of Humane Letters
  Margaret Chesney ’71 Doctor of Humane Letters
2007 Jeffrey D. Sachs Doctor of Humane Letters
  Paula England ’71 Doctor of Humane Letters
2006 Ronald Takaki Doctor of Humane Letters
2006 Robert W. Young ’55 Doctor of Public Service
2005 Thomas E. Cronin Doctor of Humane Letters
  Charles E. Anderson Doctor of Humane Letters
2004 Deborah Butterfield Doctor of Humanities
  Dale Chihuly Doctor of Humanities
  Michael Ignatieff Doctor of Law
2003 Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Doctor of Humane Letters
2002 Leroy Hood Previously Awarded
Doctor of Science
2001 Ryan Crocker ’71 Doctor of Laws
  Jack Freimann Doctor of Humanities
2000 James McBride Doctor of Humane Letters
  Timothy Egan Doctor of Humane Letters
1999 James Freedman Doctor of Humane Letters
  David Suzuki Doctor of Science
1998 Norm Rice Doctor of Laws
  Tess Gallagher Doctor of Humane Letters
1997 Martha Nussbaum Doctor of Humanities
  Sigvard "Ted" Hansen ’57 Doctor of Science
  Ashton "Ash" O’Donnell ’43 Doctor of Science
1996 Mark Hatfield Doctor of Laws
1995 Nagle Jackson ’58 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Leroy Hood Doctor of Science
  George Ball Doctor of Humane Letters
  Eva Brann Doctor of Humane Letters
1994 Donald Kennedy Doctor of Science
  Elizabeth Welty Doctor of Science
  David Stevens ’47 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Cecil Andrus Doctor of Laws
1993 Eugene Lang Doctor of Humane Letters
  Janine Pease Windy-Boy Doctor of Education
  Matthew Prophet Doctor of Education
1992 Michael Gillette Doctor of Laws
  Steve Lane ’66 Doctor of Public Service
  Jim Ellis Doctor of Public Service
  Jeannette Hayner Doctor of Laws
1991 William Booth Gardner Doctor of Laws
  Doris Swayze Bounds Doctor of Fine Arts
  Craig Lesley ’67 Doctor of Humane Letters
1990 Clair Lynn Gaudiani Doctor of Letters
  Norma J. Paulus Doctor of Letters
  William R. Wiley Doctor of Humanities
1989 Baker Ferguson ’39 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Robert Weston Graham ’36 Doctor of Laws
  David Clark Brewster Doctor of Letters
1988 Carlton T. Helming Doctor of Humane Letters
  Lawrence W. Milas Doctor of Humane Letters
  Yau-Ben Dai Doctor of Laws
  Nadine Vail Skotheim Doctor of Humane Letters
  Robert Allen Skotheim Doctor of Letters
1987 Carl Peterson ’33 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Arthur Gustav Rempel Doctor of Science
  Fredric Francis Santler, ‘41 Doctor of Letters
  Jean Enerson Doctor of Humane Letters
1986 Alexander William Astin Doctor of Laws
  Pietro Belluschi Doctor of Fine Arts
  Carolyn Ashley Kizer Doctor of Letters
  George Tsutakawa Doctor of Fine Arts
  George Hunt Weyerhaeuser Doctor of Humane Letters
1985 Howard Rothmann Bowen Doctor of Letters
  Paul Errol Bragdon Doctor of Laws
  John William Ward Doctor of Letters
1984 David Wesley Gaiser, M.D. ’24 Doctor of Science
  Thomas Dillon Howells Doctor of Letters
1983 Dan Fenno Henderson ’44 Doctor of Laws
1982 William P. Gerberding Doctor of Laws
  Richard S. F. Eells ’40 Doctor of Laws
1981 Thomas James Pressly Doctor of Laws
  Patsy Takemoto Mink Doctor of Laws
1980 William Bernard Peach ’40 Doctor of Letters
  John Bruce Beckwith, M.D. ’54 Doctor of Science
  Sherwood Fawcett Doctor of Science
1979 David Hugh Dillard, M.D. ’46 Doctor of Science
  Elizabeth Story Donno ’44 Doctor of Letters
  Harriet Evelyn Miller ’41 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Harry Woolf Doctor of Science
1978 Bruce Alden McFadden ’52 Doctor of Science
  Clarence Webster Monroe, M.D. ’28 Doctor of Science
  Frank Crawford Shoemaker ’43 Doctor of Science
1977 Robert Bechtold Heilman Doctor of Humanities
  Ivar Edmund Highberg ’32 Doctor of Science
1976 Albert H. Garretson ’31 Doctor of Laws
  Michael M. May ’44 Doctor of Science
  Virginia Kelly Sherwood Doctor of Humane Letters
1975 Reginald Herbold Green ’55 Doctor of Laws
  John Ervin Jesseph, M.D. ’49 Doctor of Science
  Mrs. Elbridge Hadley Stuart
(Evelyn Clark ’28)
Doctor of Humane Letters
1974 Thomas Stephen Foley Doctor of Laws
  David Lockhart Judd ’43 Doctor of Science
1973 Bernard R. Berelson Doctor of Laws
  Kenneth Evans Fry, M.D. ’26 Doctor of Science
1972 Alan Keith Campbell ’47 Doctor of Laws
  Grace Farnsworth Phillips Doctor of Humane Letters
1971 Kenneth Culp Davis ’31 Doctor of Laws
  Henry Alan Fairbank ’40 Doctor of Science
1970 Robert Harrison Brome ’33 Doctor of Laws
  Robert LeRoy Clodius ’42 Doctor of Laws
  Marvin M. D. Williams ’25 Doctor of Science
1969 Daniel J. Evans Doctor of Civil Laws
  Howard Jay Graham ’27 Doctor of Laws
1968 Joseph Messner Doctor of Music
  Albert C. Ullman ’35 Doctor of Laws
1967 Purnendu K. Banerjee Doctor of Literature
  Louis B. Perry Doctor of Humane Letters
1966 Frank Loyal Haigh Doctor of Science
  Henry Martin Jackson Doctor of Humane Letters
  Paul Boole McKee Doctor of Laws
1965 William Martin Fairbank ’39 Doctor of Science
  Arjay Miller Doctor of Laws
1964 Clifford Merrill Drury Doctor of Humane Letters
  Elbridge Hadley Stuart Doctor of Laws
1963 Arthur Trumbull Lee ’17 Doctor of Laws
1962 Arthur Sherwood Flemming Doctor of Public Admin.
  Donald Sherwood ’22 Doctor of Laws
  Carroll Zimmerman Doctor of Science
1961 Frank Edward Butterworth Doctor of Divinity
  Roy Robert Cahill Doctor of Laws
1960 Martha Douglas Bost ’21 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Jean Cordiner ’19 Doctor of Letters
  Reuel Lanphier Howe ’27 Doctor of Divinity
1959 Harold Emmons Crawford ’11 Doctor of Science
  Chester Collins Maxey ’12 Doctor of Humane Letters
  Russell Burton Staines ’33 Doctor of Divinity
  Frank Parks Weaver Doctor of Laws
1958 John Ray Dunning Doctor of Science
  Katheryn Wilson Doctor of Laws
1957 Edward Paddock Morgan ’32 Doctor of Letters
  Herbert Frederick Traut Doctor of Science
  Gordon Justin Wright ’33 Doctor of Laws
1956 Ralph Phipps Edgerton ’31 Doctor of Laws
  John Gordon Gose Doctor of Laws
  Gilbert Carl Norris ’40 Doctor of Laws
  Charles Frederick Stafford ’40 Doctor of Laws
  William Woodrow Wells ’38 Doctor of Laws
  Merlin Sherman Young ’40 Doctor of Laws
1955 Walker Bleakney ’24 Doctor of Science
  Walter Houser Brattain ’24 Doctor of Science
  Robert Bigham Brode ’21 Doctor of Science
  Wallace Reed Brode ’21 Doctor of Science
  Vladimir Rojansky ’24 Doctor of Science
  Everly John Workman ’24 Doctor of Science
1954 Roland Herbert Bainton ’14 Doctor of Divinity
  Jonathan Whitman Edwards Doctor of Education
  Robert Clifford Goodwin ’29 Doctor of Laws
  Howard James Knott Doctor of Science
  Jackson Martindell Doctor of Laws
1953 Stephen B. L. Penrose, Jr. Doctor of Laws
  John Grant Kelly Doctor of Business Admin.
  Paul Marsh Pitman ’53 Doctor of Humanities
1952 Bishop Stephen Fielding Bayne Doctor of Divinity
  Luther Halsey Gulick Doctor of Laws
1951 Richard Flagg Ayres ’25 Doctor of Divinity
  Mary Cooper Jewett Gaiser Doctor of Laws
  Charles Penrose Doctor of Humane Letters
  Herbert Ringhoffer Doctor of Laws
1950 Raymond Moley Doctor of Civil Law
  Morgan Samuel Odell Doctor of Humane Letters
1949 Frances Penrose Owen ’19 Doctor of Humane Letters
1948 Ralph Jarron Cordiner Doctor of Laws
  Noel Gharrett Sargent Doctor of Laws
  Harper Joy ’22 Doctor of Laws
1947 Paul Garrett ’13 Doctor of Laws
  Otis Halbert Holmes ’23 Doctor of Laws
1946 Norman Archibald MacRae Mackenzie Doctor of Civil Law
  Heber Hinds Ryan Doctor of Education
1945 Guy Everett Snavely Doctor of Education
  Park Weed Willis ’15 Doctor of Laws
  George Bruce Marquis Master of Arts
  Francis Arthur Garrecht Doctor of Civil Law
1944 Arthur Freeborn Douglas Doctor of Laws
  John Cushman Lyman Doctor of Science
1943 Dorsey Franklin Baker ’16 Doctor of Laws
  Eric Allen Johnston Doctor of Civil Law
1942 William Edmund Milne Doctor of Science
  Joel Edward Ferris Doctor of Laws
  Ernest O. Holland Doctor of Laws
  Arthur Bernard Langlie Doctor of Laws
  Walter Andrew Bratton Doctor of Laws
1941 Werner Andrew Rupp Doctor of Laws
1940 Edith Hinkley Quimby ’12 Doctor of Science
1939 Joel Harper Doctor of Divinity
1938 William Orville Douglas ’20 Doctor of Laws
  Walter Crosby Eells ’08 Doctor of Science
1937 Lawrence Wendell Fifield Doctor of Letters
1936 Luther Nicholas Williams Doctor of Divinity
  Ralph Loveland Roys Doctor of Humane Letters
  Bruce Richard Baxter Doctor of Laws
  Charles Seymour Whitman Doctor of Laws
1935 Marshall Newport Dana Doctor of Laws
1934 Harry Abbott Reynolds Master of Arts
  Wellington Pegg Master of Arts
  Miller Freeman Master of Arts
  William Martin Proctor Doctor of Letters
  Stanley Alexander Easton Doctor of Science
  Winlock W. Miller Doctor of Laws
  Raymond B. Wilcox Doctor of Laws
  Ely Herbert Botsford Doctor of Laws
  Reginald Hascall Parsons Doctor of Laws
  Russell Whitman Doctor of Laws
  William Huchinson Cowles Doctor of Laws
1933 John McLauchlan Doctor of Divinity
  Rufus Woods Doctor of Letters
  Mark E. Reed Doctor of Laws
  James Alger Fee ’10 Doctor of Laws
1932 Marion Bauer Master of Arts
  Gena Branscombe Tenney Master of Arts
  James Alger Fee ’10 Doctor of Laws
1931 Lucile McIntyre Master of Arts
  Angie E. Bowden Master or Arts
  David Crockett Graham ’08 Doctor of Science
  Otto Burton Rupp, 1898 Doctor of Laws
  William Webster Ellsworth Doctor of Letters
1930 Henry M. Hart Master of Arts
  John B. Horner Doctor of Humane Letters
1929 Lowell Clarence Bradford ’29 Master of Arts
  Edward Cartwright Pease Master of Arts
  Lemuel Henry Wells Doctor of Laws
1928 Levi William Hutton Master of Arts
  William Gaius Greenslade ’07 Doctor of Divinity
  John Langdon Rand Doctor of Laws
1927 Stoddard King Master of Laws
  Stephen James Chadwick Doctor of Laws
1926 Lucius Olmsted Baird Doctor of Divinity
  Thomas Allen McBride Doctor of Laws
  Frederick Wallace Wilson ’91 Doctor of Laws
1925 Katherine Harriet Blynn Master of Arts
1924 Hugh Elmer Brown Doctor of Divinity
1923 William Henry Boddy Doctor of Divinity
  William Dunlop Robinson Doctor of Divinity
1922 Frederic William Keator Doctor of Laws
  Louis Francis Anderson Doctor of Humane Letters
1921 Helen Louise Burr Master of Arts
  Helen Abby Pepoon Master of Arts
  Frank Hale Touret Doctor of Divinity
1919 John Warren Langdon Master of Arts
  Robert Clark Yenney ’89 Doctor of Science
  Austin Rice Doctor of Divinity
  Harry Augustus Garfield Doctor of Literature
  Henry Smith Pritchett Doctor of Literature
1918 Mack F. Gose Doctor of Laws
1917 Melvin Amos Brannon Doctor of Laws
1916 Alexander Beers Master of Arts
1915 William Waterbury Scudder, Jr. Doctor of Divinity
  William Edgar Borah Doctor of Laws
  Miles Conway Moore Doctor of Laws
1914 Otto Burton Rupp ’89 Master of Arts
  Mary Shipman Penrose Master of Arts
  Josephine Corless Preston Master of Arts
1913 Raymond Cummings Brooks Doctor of Divinity
  Walter Benwell Hinson Doctor of Divinity
  Horace Cooper Mason Doctor of Divinity
1911 Mark Allison Matthews Doctor of Divinity
1908 Martha Wiley ’98 Master of Laws
1906 William Augustus Mowry Doctor of Laws
  Arthur Henderson Smith Doctor of Laws
1904 Samuel Greene Doctor of Divinity
  Horace Payne James Doctor of Divinity
  Edward Lincoln Smith Doctor of Divinity
  George R. Wallace Doctor of Divinity
  Cornelius Holgate Hanford Doctor of Laws
  George Turner Doctor of Laws
1903 Eugene Solomon Talbot Master of Science
1902 Rose Elizabeth Dovell ’02 Master of Arts
1900 Charles Timblin Master of Arts
1899 William H. G. Temple Doctor of Divinity
  Wilmot Woodruff Van Dusen Doctor of Divinity
1898 Judge Thomas Burke Doctor of Laws
1897 Oliver Woodson Nixon Doctor of Laws
  Daniel Kimball Pearson Doctor of Laws
1895 Clarence Leslie Diven Doctor of Divinity
1894 Clarence Spalding Sargeant Doctor of Divinity
1893 Wallace Nutting Doctor of Divinity
  Leavitt H. Hallock Doctor of Divinity
  Thomas Sims Doctor of Divinity
  Lyman Enos Knapp Doctor of Laws
1891 Amy Richards Master of Arts
1890 John Beard Allen Doctor of Laws
  Henry G. McArthur Doctor of Divinity
  Thomas M. Gunn Doctor of Divinity
  Myron Eells Doctor of Divinity
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