Adviser: Helen Kim, Fall (Sociology) and Michelle Janning, Spring (Sociology)

Whitman College provides the basic social science training required for careers in social work and human services. There is a continuing demand for trained social and human services workers in such fields as child and family welfare work, neighborhood recreational and health service, and rehabilitation of youth offenders. Advanced positions in social work and human services require training at graduate school. However, the present demand for social workers makes it possible for students to obtain positions upon completion of their undergraduate training. The American Association of Schools of Social Work and leading schools in this field recommend a sound foundation in the social sciences with a background in other areas of a liberal arts education. Also recommended is some orientation to the specific problems dealt with by these fields.

Students interested in careers in social work and human services are well advised to major in psychology or sociology, though majoring in some other social science field is not inappropriate. In addition to major preparation in a particular field in the social sciences, there are specific social science courses which contribute to preparation for a career in social service, depending in large part on the particular area of social service work in which the student is interested. The best program is one worked out with the pre-professional advisors.

Suggested Courses:

  • Economics 100 or 101, 102
  • Philosophy 127
  • Psychology 110, 210, 230, 240, 260
  • Sociology 117, 230, 257, 267