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Public Service

Adviser: Chair, Department of Politics

To an ever-greater degree, federal, state, and local governments need professionally trained people to serve as researchers and planners as well as administrators. Expanding numbers and kinds of special interest groups as well as the increased degree to which these groups employ professionals, also have yielded new career possibilities for people with research, analytical, and political skills. New career opportunities can especially be found at the local level, in addition to the traditional public administration positions in federal and state agencies.

A person interested in a public service career should develop strong research and analytical skills and an ability to write and speak effectively. A broad background in American government and society is necessary, with emphasis on politics, economics, and sociology. Statistical and computer skills are essential.

Suggested Courses:

  • Economics 100 or 101, 102, 268
  • Environmental Studies 120
  • History 297
  • Mathematics 128
  • Politics 109, 124, 254, 287, 309, 311, 325, 334, 365
  • Sociology 110, 207, 208
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