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Library and Information Science (LIS)

Lee Keene, Head of Instructional and Research Services (Penrose Library)

A Master of Library and Information Science degree from a graduate program accredited by the American Library Association is a prerequisite for a professional career in librarianship, and a broad liberal arts education is excellent preparation for the master’s program. While librarians have traditionally been educated in the humanities, a background in the social, physical, or computer sciences is increasingly sought after by employers; students interested in applying to MLIS programs should be prepared to focus on information science in a variety of research and instructional contexts. Because of the growing emphasis on digital programs and resources in libraries, computing, database, and metadata skills are important areas of concentration. Many graduate programs offer opportunities to specialize in areas such as archives and record management, informatics, and data services. Successful applicants to MLIS programs demonstrate intellectual curiosity, initiative, flexibility, and a commitment to service.

Penrose Library offers student employment, and the librarian listed above is available to discuss graduate school preparation and career possibilities with interested students.

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