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Drugs and Other Dangerous Substances

The possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs or other controlled substances is a violation of the law. The college has chosen to take a strong stand against the use of controlled substances because of the significant risks that are present when deciding to use them. Many of these substances are physically or psychologically addicting; the composition or potential for lethality of “street’’ drugs can never be determined by the user and is often dangerous; strictly enforced laws and policies can lead to serious consequences for even the experimentation or occasional user. For example, the courts may impose jail sentences and/or, fines and such actions and consequences may jeopardize one’s status with the college, as well as future employment opportunities. The college strongly believes that any use of controlled substances is antithetical to the growth and development of students and contrary to the mission of Whitman College. 

Substance use and abuse can cause serious problems for students and the college will intervene when appropriate. Current information and personal assistance is available from the Health Center. Personal counseling and referral to community resources are available in the Counseling Center and the Health Center, 11 Merriam Street, 509-527-5281.

Regulations Concerning Drugs

Use, possession, sale or distribution of any illegal drug or controlled substance, or illegal use or distribution of a legal drug, including cannabis is a violation of college policy. Any student violating this policy, or the laws of the State of Washington, should be prepared to accept the consequences of their decision. The college reserves the right to pursue legal and/or its own disciplinary action should students violate the law or this policy. Whitman College may apply disciplinary procedures to students who abuse drugs or substances that are not illegal but may cause harm if misused. The college may apply disciplinary action to students who abuse these substances. 

Cannabis, while legal in small amounts for those 21 and over in the state of Washington (in private spaces), is a violation of the Drug Free Schools Act, and will not be allowed, in any form, on campus.

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