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Buildings and Ground Usage

These policies are not in the purview of Student Affairs.

General Use of Campus Areas and Facilities

  1. Members of the college community may reserve and use areas and facilities of the campus in accordance with established procedures.
  2. Use of buildings and grounds must not disturb regular college functions or approved activities, nor interfere with movement to and from activities or facilities.
  3. All fire regulations and room capacities must be observed.
  4. Volume of amplification used in outdoor areas should be adjusted to reach only the audience present and should not interfere with other activities or the educational program of the college.
  5. Sleeping or camping on campus grounds in sleeping bags, tents, lean-tos, and similar structures is forbidden without prior approval from the Dean of Students.
  6. Park bicycles only in areas specifically designed for bike parking (i.e. designated bike racks). Do not attach bicycles to stair or ramp railings, garbage containers, light poles or other fixtures not intended for bicycle parking.
  7. Students who have questions about access issues due to disability should contact the staff in the Academic Resource Center, Olin Hall 334.

Scheduling and Reservation of Space

  1. Scheduling of classroom and non-classroom facilities by on-campus groups may be made through the scheduling coordinator in the Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling at 509-527-5366 or email at reservation@whitman.edu.
  2. Off-campus groups may arrange to rent college facilities through the scheduling coordinator in the Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling, in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  3. Whitman College may only rent facilities to government agencies and non-profit organizations based upon a ruling by the Department of Revenue regarding the tax-exempt status of our campus property. External organizations are required to provide Whitman College with a copy of their Internal Revenue Service Exemption Letter indicating that the organization is incorporated specifically as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Please note that a federal identification number is not sufficient proof.
  4. Regularly scheduled classes granting Whitman credit are given priority for use of college buildings and groups. Priority for all other events is determined by the Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling.  


  1. Campus Organizations
    1. Members of the College community may collect dues, initiation fees, and admission charges where they are applicable.
    2. Members of the college interested in selling products, please contact the staff in the Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling.
    3. Members of the college community may solicit donations.
    4. Official alumni and other college-related organizations may raise funds in accordance with established procedures.
  2. Off-Campus Groups: 
    1. Nonmembers of the College community may not sell products or services on the campus except:
      1. in the Reid Campus Center where permission of the Associate Dean of Students has been obtained;
      2. in the residence halls where permission of the director of Residence Life has been obtained; or
      3. in other locations where an appropriate rental agreement has been prepared by the college treasurer.
    2. Nonmembers of the college community may not raise funds on the campus. However, the college president or their designee may approve a limited number of fundraising programs for charitable organizations and public service agencies.


In order to provide for free expression on the campus, yet to prevent damage to college property and to avoid public confusion as to the college’s official positions, the following regulations have been established:

  1. Signs may be attached to the tennis court fence.
  2. Driving stakes in the ground or any excavation is not allowed on or around campus grounds. 
  3. Students and student organizations have the responsibility to indicate that they speak only for themselves. The name of the sponsoring organization should clearly appear on all posters, signs, etc.
  4. Signs, banners, posters, flags and the like will not ordinarily be displayed on college buildings or doors. An exception may be made for signs publicizing college-sponsored events of interest to the public. Such signs may be attached to certain college buildings with the prior permission of the Dean of Students.
  5. No posters, painting or other materials are permitted which will deface college property in any way, either as a result of the sign itself, or in the manner placed. No sign may be attached to plaster walls in the interior of any building. Use bulletin boards only.
  6. A representative of the organization must remove the signage no later than one day following the event.
  7. The display of signs or embellishments of any type are inappropriate to the most formal exercises in the life of the college, such as Convocation, Baccalaureate and other public performances. Exceptions may be made with permission from the Dean of Students.

Questions concerning these policies should be addressed to the Dean of Students.

Circulars and Handbills

  1. Circulars and handbills may be distributed by members of the college community on the College campus.
  2. Distribution of circulars and handbills shall not interfere with the educational program or other events and activities, nor interfere with movement to and from activities or facilities.

Visiting Speakers

Any faculty or recognized student group may invite any speaker to the campus. Routine procedures are required by the college before a guest speaker is invited to appear on campus. These procedures are designed to ensure that there is orderly scheduling of facilities and adequate preparation for the event, and that the occasion is conducted in a manner appropriate to an academic community. The appearance of any invited speaker does not involve any endorsement, either implicit or explicit, of their views by the institution, its faculty, its administration, or its governing boards. No speaker should be scheduled by any group or person before first checking the scheduling calendar at the Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling at 509-527-5366.

Motor Vehicles

No motor vehicle, including motorcycles, motor scooters, etc., shall be parked or driven on the grass, walks, or pathways on campus. Motorcycles and motor scooters must be parked in authorized parking areas. Fire regulations do not permit persons to park their motorcycles or motor scooters inside buildings.


  1. All appropriate facilities and services of the college are available to all regularly enrolled students. Students who are on leave or enrolled in some program not offered on the campus are not regularly enrolled students and are not entitled to share in such facilities and services as are provided for enrolled students.
  2. Unauthorized entry to or use of college facilities is prohibited. Students do not have access to their rooms during Winter or Spring Breaks. Unauthorized use of facilities during these times is considered unlawful entry.
  3. Unauthorized possession or use of college keys or duplication of any college key is regarded as a serious offense, and appropriate action will be taken by the College. The misuse of college keys endangers the security of the personal effects of individuals residing in residence halls as well as that of college property.
  4. Pets are not allowed in any campus building. For questions regarding registered service animals, contact the Assistant Director of Academic Resources: Disability Support, Academic Resource Center, 509-527-5027, arc@whitman.edu.
  5. No pet shall be allowed on campus unless it is leashed or under the close and continuous supervision and control of its owner. No pets may be tethered to a tree, post or any other object. Security will call Animal Control if pets are found to be tethered or running loose and unattended on campus.
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