Whitman College is a friendly community of people who know, respect, and watch out for each other. The staff of the Office of Security plays an important role in ensuring the safety of students, faculty, staff members, and visitors to campus.

Safety and Emergencies

Whitman is a small college in a small town. This fact can create a false image of security. You should keep your door locked when you are not in your room, you should lock your bike when not in use, and you should not leave personal items like laptops and backpacks unattended. Report any incidents, attacks, or threats to your person to Security (509) 527-5777, the police, your Resident Director, or a Resident Assistant immediately.

Don’t walk alone at night. Campus Security is on duty 24 hours a day, and at night, staff is available to escort you (509) 527-5777. Stay alert and take precautions, especially during times of the year when you are keeping odd hours. To become familiar with the faces and names of security staff, consult the Security Office Web page at whitman.edu/content/security/staff.                                                         

Security phones (known as blue light phones) are located in several areas of the campus. Please do not hesitate to use them in a criminal, fire, or medical emergency. If you do have an emergency, push the red button and this will activate the phone. A police dispatcher will then come on the line to assist you. Please stay on the line until the police, fire, or medical personnel arrive. You also can use this phone for minor emergencies such as requesting an escort or reporting a theft. To make a call, push the black call button to get a dial tone, and then enter 5777 to reach the Security Office. After your call has been completed push the call button again to hang up the phone. Please stop by the Security Office in Memorial Building 137 if you have any questions about campus security.  

All students’ rooms are subject to inspection for reasons of safety, health, and maintenance. The College is not responsible for money, jewelry, or other valuables in your room. Cash may be deposited in the Business Office for safekeeping on a temporary basis.


It is the policy of Whitman College that students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus are entitled to live, study, and work in areas that are free of smoke. In accordance with this policy and Washington State law, smoking in any form, including tobacco or electronic cigarettes, is prohibited inside any building on the Whitman College campus and is prohibited within 25 feet of any entrance, exit, window, or ventilation intake of any Whitman College campus building.

As noted earlier in this handbook, while the State of Washington has legalized recreational use of marijuana, under Washington law, marijuana is not allowed in public spaces and smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any building on campus. Possession of marijuana is still a violation of federal law. Given that the campus is considered a public space, use of marijuana on campus is still a violation of state law. In addition, Whitman does not wish to risk student access to federal financial aid and loans by violating federal law. Therefore, marijuana is banned on campus.

Unauthorized Access

Climbing on campus buildings, including rooftops, potentially endangers members of our community. Therefore the following behaviors are prohibited:

  • Use of a fire escape, except in emergency situations, is prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed on campus rooftops, except with written permission.
  • Climbing on campus buildings except in specified activities on the climbing wall is prohibited.