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Standards of Conduct


Alcohol use continues to be an issue of concern on college campuses all across the country. Its abuse by Whitman students is strongly discouraged because such behavior is counterproductive to the goals and mission of the college. Whether or not students choose to drink alcoholic beverages is their personal decision; however, individuals are held personally accountable for their actions at all times. The primary objectives of the college's policy and procedures on alcoholic beverages are (a) to promote responsible behavior and attitudes among all members of the college community, (b) to educate students concerning the use and effects of alcoholic beverages in order to promote responsible decision-making, and (c) to help individual students experiencing difficulties associated with the use of alcohol.

Regulations Concerning Alcohol

  1. There shall be no drinking of alcoholic beverages and no open containers of alcoholic beverages in public places on the college campus or public areas in campus buildings. Exceptions may be made on an event-by-event basis under the following conditions: 
    • The use of alcoholic beverages will be in full compliance with the Washington State Law. 
    • The event is sponsored by a college-affiliated organization or an organization that has reserved the facility according to college procedures.
    • A college faculty or staff member assumes responsibility for the event and agrees to be present for its duration.
    • The department, division, office, or administrator responsible for the facility being requested agrees to the terms of the use of alcoholic beverages and the facility. 
  2. No ASWC fees or residence hall fees may be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  3. Students and student groups must avoid the direct or indirect sale of alcoholic beverages.
  4. Students will be held directly responsible for the destruction of personal or public property, the violation of the safety or rights of other persons, or the violation of any other campus regulations which may occur while they are under the influence of alcohol. Excessive consumption and/or purchasing large quantities of alcoholic beverages are considered a violation of the alcohol policy. 
  5. Students should be familiar with the Washington State law that governs the use and purchase of alcohol 

The possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs or other controlled substances is a violation of the law. The college has chosen to take a strong stand against the use of controlled substances because of the significant risks that students assume when deciding to use them. Many of these substances are physically or psychologically addicting; the composition of "street'' drugs can never be determined by the user and is often dangerous; strictly enforced laws and policies can lead to serious consequences for even the experimenter or occasional user. For example, jail sentences may be imposed, fines may be levied, and one's status with the college as well as future employment opportunities may be jeopardized. The negative personal consequences that can happen to a student far outweigh any brief exhilaration or escape. The college strongly believes that any use of controlled substances is antithetical to the growth and development of students and contrary to the mission of Whitman College. Some drugs and substances, although not illegal, may also cause harm and are dangerous to use. The college may apply disciplinary procedures to students who abuse these substances. The college recognizes that substance use and abuse can cause serious problems for students, and wishes to provide information or personal assistance to anyone who seeks it. Current information regarding abuse is available from the Health Center. Personal counseling and referral to community resources are available in the Counseling Center and the Health Center.

Regulations Concerning Drugs
It is a violation of college policy to use, possess or distribute any illegal drug or controlled substance, except as expressly permitted by law. Any student choosing to violate this policy, or the laws of the State of Washington, should be prepared to accept the consequences of his/her decision. The college reserves the right to pursue legal and/or its own judicial action should students violate the law or this policy.


It is the policy of Whitman College that the workplace is to be free from the unlawful use, possession, distribution, or sale of alcohol and other controlled substances.  Moreover, faculty and staff are discouraged from working while under the influence of alcohol, as it may lead to behavior evidencing irresponsible consumption (obvious intoxication, impaired judgment, verbal harassment, etc.).  Working while under the influence of any controlled substance not medically authorized is strictly prohibited. 

The College is committed to promoting the highest possible standards of health and welfare among its students, faculty and staff. This policy will enable each faculty and staff member to perform his or her work in a safe, conscientious and effective manner that does not adversely affect the College community and the working/learning environment.  As required by law, each individual employed by the College is hereby notified that, as a condition of his or her employment, he or she must abide by these drug-free workplace requirements.

A faculty or staff member will be required to report his/her criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace to his/her immediate supervisor within five (5) days after such conviction.  The supervisor must immediately notify the college officer responsible for the particular work area, who will in turn notify the Director of Human Resources.

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