Memorial Building


  • The Whitman Way

    Welcome to Whitman College. We’ve dedicated this section of the Student Handbook to introduce you to the campus culture.

  • Academic Advice

    We have resources at Whitman to help you assess your strengths and challenges, sharpen your skills, explore your interests, and support your aspirations.

  • Living and Learning

    Your ability to achieve academically at Whitman often hinges on your overall personal wellness outside of the classroom.

  • Learning through Involvement

    Every Whitman student is a member of the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC), our student government organization, which exists to support and advance student interests.

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities

    We have designed this section of the handbook to acquaint students with Whitman’s policies, regulations, and procedures.

  • Offices and Resources

    A list of campus offices and resources crucial to life at Whitman College.

  • Map

    Map of Whitman College buildings, facilities, artwork and features.