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Student Handbook

Memorial Building

The Whitman Way

Welcome to Whitman College. We’ve dedicated this section of the Student Handbook to introduce you to the campus culture.

Academic Advice

We have resources at Whitman to help you assess your strengths and challenges, sharpen your skills, explore your interests, and support your aspirations.

Living and Learning

Your ability to achieve academically at Whitman often hinges on your overall personal wellness outside of the classroom.

Learning through Involvement

Every Whitman student is a member of the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC), our student government organization, which exists to support and advance student interests.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

We have designed this section of the handbook to acquaint students with Whitman’s policies, regulations, and procedures.

Offices and Resources

A list of campus offices and resources crucial to life at Whitman College.


Map of Whitman College buildings, facilities, artwork and features.

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