Students on the Amphitheater lawn

One of the primary roles of the Dean of Students is as an advocate for and mentor to students and student groups. The Dean also oversees the various departments of Student Affairs. The primary components of the philosophy of Student Affairs include providing excellent services for students, encouraging community development, involving students in life beyond the classroom, and providing leadership opportunities, all in an environment characterized by support and challenge.

Each department in support of the academic mission strives to connect students to the College community and provide them with skills that can be used successfully in and out of the classroom.


Office Information

Memorial Building 325
345 Boyer Ave.
(509) 527-5158

Chuck Cleveland
Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Donna Cummins
Associate to the Dean

Julia Dunn
Associate Dean of Students

Rebecca Frost 
Director of Student Success and DSS

Antonia Keithahn
ARC Program Coordinator

Bridget Jacobson
Administrative Assistant