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Alumni 101: Post-Whitman Life

2023 Class Banner

Art by Willis Weiser ’22

Evan Jones

Dear graduates of 2023,

As the President of the Whitman Alumni Association Board, I want to congratulate you on becoming the college’s newest alumni and the newest members of our association. It’s a large and unique community of over 18,000 living alumni spread all over the world. You’ve already endured and accomplished so much in your time at Whitman, and now you join a group that recognizes your hard work and holds you responsible for acting in ways your fellow alums, mentors and society at large expects of you. Previous alums have ...

Read the full letter from Alumni Board President Evan Jones ’97

Stay Connected

As an alumni member of Whitman College, staying connected to the college and its community is a great way to maintain memories, foster relationships, and stay informed about college events and news.





Bay Area


Los Angeles


Walla Walla


Other areas of the country


New to these areas?

See what advice alumni have for young graduates new to the city. A Whittie's Guide to the City:

Portland Guide 

Bay Area Guide 

Seattle Guide

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