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Sally Rodgers Award for Lifelong Achievement

The Sally Rodgers Award for Lifelong Achievement, created in 1999 to honor Sally Rodgers, long time director of alumni relations, is given to an individual who graduated from Whitman College over 50 years ago and whose life exemplifies the qualities of a liberal arts education.

The 2023 Sally Rodgers Award Winner, Lynn Boose ‘58

Lynn Bose

Dr. Lynn Boose ’58 is the winner of the 2023 Sally Rodgers Award for Lifelong Achievement. Following graduation from Whitman he was on active duty for five years in the U.S Navy, including appointment as communications officer for one of the Navy’s two, first-assault support teams, reaching the rank of lieutenant. Following graduate school,  Dr. Boose enjoyed a career of 58 years in health and human services administration. He was a hospital and medical center administrator for Kaiser Permanente for 25 years, starting in 1964, where he helped open new service areas (San Diego and Belflower, California), and reorganize existing service areas in Oregon to improve access to providers. 

Additionally, he was the first recipient of the Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Inc., Garfield Research Fund which he used to help complete his doctoral dissertation, a five year study that involved evidence based results for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan members who participated in a national pilot project at four HMO locations,  sponsored by the National Institute on Health, that explored both costs and health benefit outcomes of an expanded Medicare program to include coverage of Nursing Home services (SNF/ICF). During his time with KFH, he concurrently served as an adjunct faculty preceptor for graduate students in health care administration at both the University of Minnesota and at Michigan State University.  Dr. Boose served as President of the Hospital Council for San Diego and Imperial Counties, while in California.

Upon retiring from Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Boose served for 23 years as the chief executive officer and president of Community Service, Inc., a nonprofit program offering comprehensive support services to individuals with lifelong developmental disabilities and persistent mental health issues. Two different State Governors appointed him to serve during a period of seven years on the State of Oregon Medicaid Long Term Care Quality and Reimbursement Advisory Council to the Department of Human Services, including as its chair for 18 months. In 2018 the Oregon Resource Association awarded him their Distinguished Services Award for his work in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. 

An expert in the field of both acute and chronic health care administration

Dr. Boose holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from Whitman College, a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Minnesota, a Master’s degree in City Planning from San Diego State University, and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies from Portland State University majoring in health policy for long-term care of chronic disabilities.

Driven to remain aware of ongoing industry changes, he has been affiliated with the Oregon Health Care Association, the American College of Health Care Executives,  and the American College of Medical Group Administrators in which he achieved the status of Life Fellow. He was also licensed in Oregon and in Washington as a Nursing Home Administrator, and as a Health Insurance Agent.

Following his retirement in 2017, Dr. Boose commenced volunteer services as a member of the board of directors for New Narrative, Inc. and as a member and chair of the advisory board for NorthStar Clubhouse of Portland, a mental health support services day program accredited by

Clubhouse International, Inc. In 2022, he was the recipient of the Marquis Whos Who Humanitarian Award.

During his time at Whitman, Dr. Boose was President of Beta Theta Pi and the Interfraternity Council, as well as a member of the choir.

Reflecting on receiving this award, Boose says, "My life, both professionally and personally, has been blessed by unending opportunities and privileges."

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