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Information for Students

Work Study is a need-based financial aid award. It is not a grant (you must work to earn it), and it is not a loan (you don't have to repay it). Students must qualify for need-based financial aid to receive Work Study. For more information refer to the link below “View the College Years Employment PDF” or visit the Financial Aid Website.

There are many methods that you can use to find a job on campus or off campus.

Handshake is the online job portal used for job searches.

The community and student listservs often announce temporary and semester-long positions through email advertisements.

Talking to department heads, faculty members and administrative departments can help you understand the types of positions available.

The Career and Community Engagement Center can help you with your search, creating your resume and cover letter and helping you prepare for interviews.

Check this out!

We've put together this slideshow to help you land a campus job!

Helpful tips for your job search

  • Keep your resume updated.
  • Dress professionally for your interview; act professionally at all times.
  • Pay attention to job announcements on the community, announcements and student listservs.
  • Remember to emphasize skills you have used that fit the needs of the job you are applying to.
  • Be as flexible as you can about the hours and days you are available.
  • Refer to the On-Campus Job Search flowchart.

BEFORE beginning any paid work at Whitman College, all student employees MUST complete a Federal Employment Eligibility form (Form I-9) and an Employee Withholding Allowance form for Federal Taxes (W-4 Form). Both of these forms MUST be completed prior to the first day of work. Additionally you must complete a direct deposit form. Once you complete the required forms, you will be assigned Online Harassment Prevention Training to be completed within your first 30 days of employment. Please refer to the Whitman Human Resources website for more information.

Wages are paid monthly and payday is the 18th of every month or the business day closest to the 18th. Student employees are paid through direct deposit of funds to either a savings or checking account at the financial institution of their choice. Payment of wages requires a completed timesheet. Timesheets must be signed/authorized by both the student and supervisor to be considered completed. Below is a graphic to help you understand payroll timelines.

Direct deposit form

  • Filed with HR
  • Web timesheets to keep track of hours

9th of the month

  • Pay period starts
  • Enter work hours daily online

8th of the month

  • Pay period ends
  • Certify web timesheet online for supervisor to approve by e-signature

18th of the month

  • Payday - Your pay will be deposited directly into your bank account

View the College Years Employment PDF

Student Employee Paid Sick Leave                                               

Yes. Student employees accrue paid sick leave at a rate of one hour of paid sick leave for every 40 hours worked. Student employees can view their sick leave account balance on my.whitman.edu. The record is updated monthly at the completion of the payroll cycle.  

Student employees are entitled to use accrued paid sick leave beginning on the 90th calendar day after the start of their employment. Paid sick leave will be paid to student employees at their normal hourly pay rate. Rate of pay and total hours available is based on the hourly rate the student employee would have earned for the time they used paid sick leave. If a student employee was assigned an indeterminate number of hours, the amount of paid sick leave time will be determined by either replacement hours or comparator hours. Sick leave will be paid in quarter-hour increments. Sick leave will not be paid in excess of the employee's balance.  

Unused paid sick leave of 40 hours or less will be carried over to the following year, which begins each January. Student employees will not be paid out for unused sick leave upon termination of employment. If you are rehired within 12 months of separation, the college will reinstate your unused leave balance up to 40 hours.

Paid sick leave is intended to replace lost income, upon certain situations listed below. It is not an entitlement or earned benefit. Student employees may use paid sick leave:

  • To care for themselves or their family members (as defined in Washington Paid Sick Leave Rules)
  • When the workplace has been closed for any health-related reason
  • For absences that qualify for leave under the state's Domestic Violence Leave Act

Paid sick leave is designated on the student timesheet, and approved by the supervisor through the normal payroll review process.

Student employees are responsible for notifying their supervisor as soon as possible if they are unable to be present for work and keep them informed of the expected return. Sick leave may not be used for unauthorized leave from work.  

Supervisors of student employees should not require verification of the need for leave, or that the student employee search for or find a replacement to cover hours as a condition of taking sick leave. A supervisor may consult Human Resources should unique circumstances arise requiring further review. Retaliation by the College and/or individual supervisors for the student employee’s lawful use of paid sick leave and other rights is prohibited.  

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