Canopy (used to be Cascade Centers) is Whitman College's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  It is a free and confidential benefit that can assist you and your eligible family members with any personal problems, large or small. Some of the services include:

  • Legal counseling: family law, consumer law, debt & bankruptcy, landlords and tenants, marriage, and more.
  • Access to over 100 legal forms: wills, authorizations, agreements, notices, and more.
  • Financial Counseling: Home center, identity theft, taxes, investing, insurance center, estate & retirement planning.
  • Resilience: Bouncing back to normal and finding what makes you happy.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: stress, depression, addiction, anxiety disorders, assessments, grief and loss, suicide, and other emotional health issues.
  • Personal Growth: Increase your work/life balance.
  • Home Owners: buying, selling, refinancing, credit score review.

If you are not sure what services you would benefit from, download the Canopy EAP app, answer a few quick questions and the EAP benefit match will determine which EAP services are best for you.  

You can visit Canopy website at, call 1-800-433-2320, or e-mail