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Travel Reimbursement for B-2 and WT Visa Holders

B-2 is a tourist visa and WT is a waiver visa for tourist purposes. A department may reimburse travel expenses to a B-2 or WT visa holder if the following criteria are met:

  1. The duration of the activity is nine (9) days or less, and
  2. The visitor has not been paid or reimbursed by more than five other U.S. institutions or organizations during the past six months.

The visitor must obtain either a B-1 or WB if the department wishes to cover travel expenses for a visit of more than 9 days. Departments can reimburse a B-1 or WB visa type for up to three months.

An original copy of the Compliance Statement signed by the visitor and the Department Head/Account Manager must be attached to any travel reimbursement made to a B-2 or WT visa holder. This form certifies that the visitor's stay meets the criteria outlined above. A copy of the visitor's I-94 departure card should be attached to any travel reimbursement.

Honoraria payments can be made to B-2 or WT visa holders if the activity does not exceed 9 days.

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