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Travel Reimbursement for Canadians

Canadians can enter the US without the immigration paperwork required of visitors from other countries. They may come to Whitman without a passport, visa or I-94 departure card.

If a department plans on bringing a Canadian to Whitman and wants to reimburse travel expenses, they should advise the visitor to bring their Canadian passport or some other proof of citizenship. The department should attach a copy of the passport ID page to the disbursement voucher.

If the Canadian visitor does have an I-94 departure card, the department should attach a copy to the travel payment.

If a department wants to reimburse travel expenses for more than 9 days, the Canadian visitor must obtain a B-1 or WB status when entering the US. For more information on how to obtain this status, contact the Business Office.

Honoraria may be paid to Canadian visitors under most circumstances.

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