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Employment Status
Employment Practices
Orientation Period
Work Schedules
Salary Review
Promotion & Transfer
Standards of Conduct
Last Day of Employment
Exit Interview
Rehire Policy
Employment of Relatives

Employment Status


Full-time staff work a minimum of 35 hours per week and 52 weeks per year, including vacations. Full-time staff on the Whitman campus may work 35 hours, 37 1/2 hours, or 40 hours per week depending on the department.


Part-time staff work a regular schedule but fewer than 35 hours per week or fewer than 52 weeks per year.


Regular staff are appointed to a regularly budgeted position which may qualify for benefits depending on the annual appointed hours. Non-exempt staff obtain regular status after successfully completing an orientation period.


An on-call staff works as needed without a predetermined work schedule. There is no requirement for on-call staff to be available when called to work, and no promise by the College to guarantee a specific number of work hours. On-call staff do not receive fringe benefits or paid holidays.


A temporary staff may be hired with or without a predetermined termination date and work a full- or part-time schedule, but the period of employment will usually not exceed one year. Temporary staff do not receive fringe benefits or paid holidays.


Nonexempt staff are governed by federal overtime regulations and generally work at task oriented jobs such as clerical, custodial, and maintenance. Overtime is paid if the staff works in excess of 40 hours per work week (Sunday through Saturday).


Exempt staff are executives, administrators, or professionals who are exempt from federal overtime regulations. There are certain government regulations concerning pay and primary duties which must be met before an employee can be placed in the exempt category.

Employment Practices

Position Openings

A notice of staff internal openings is emailed by the Human Resources Office to all staff and faculty.  External postings will be directly posted to the Human Resources website.  Inquiries concerning openings should be directed to the Human Resources Office. Applicants with disabilities who require assistance with the recruitment process will be accommodated to the extent reasonably possible.

Background Inquires

Whitman College recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe campus with employees who are honest, well-qualified for their positions, and who do not present a risk of harm to members of the Whitman community.

References: A candidate applying for any position with Whitman may be subject to reference checks with former employers. Unless required as part of a legal proceeding, reference information will not be shared with the candidates. Claims of individuals regarding certain educational credentials, either in writing or in an interview, may be subject to verification.

Physical Examinations: An occupational physical may be required before the start date of employment for any position with significant physical demands. The physical is scheduled once the individual has accepted the position. Start of employment is contingent upon passing the exam. If the exam results indicate that the physical demands cannot be met, Whitman will consider reasonable accommodations. Physicals are conducted by an outside provider in coordination with Human Resources.

Driving Records: Whitman requires any employee who will operate a vehicle on behalf of the College to provide a copy of his or her driving record at the time of offer. Employment will be contingent upon proof of good driving record, consistent with standards set in Whitman's Campus Vehicle policy.

Criminal Background Checks: Staff employees may be subject to a criminal background check at the time an offer of employment is made. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of such background check.

Information gained from any of the above background inquiries will be shared with hiring supervisors/search committee members on a need-to-know basis.

New Staff Orientation

New staff will meet with a Human Resources Office staff member during their first week of employment to review benefits and basic employment guidelines of the College. The Human Resources Office will periodically arrange a tour of the Whitman campus for new staff. Each supervisor will arrange introductions to fellow staff within the office and the immediate work area.

Orientation Period

Typically, the first 90 calendar days of employment for new staff is an orientation period. This period is established to benefit both the staff and the College. It is a period of personal adjustment as well as a time to learn job requirements and work rules. At the end of the orientation period, your supervisor will complete a written performance appraisal and the Human Resources Office will notify you when you have been placed on regular status.

Some departments have an orientation period which is longer than 90 days. This will be noted in your appointment letter. Supervisors may request two extensions of the orientation period of 30 calendar days each. A written evaluation, discussed and signed by the supervisor and the staff, must be completed at the end of each extension period.

Regular staff who apply for a promotion or transfer will serve a new orientation period if they are accepted for the position.

Work Schedules

Hours of Work

The normal work week at Whitman College is Monday through Friday. Full-time staff will work 35 hours, 37 1/2 hours, or 40 hours per week depending on the established schedule for the department. Hours of operation will vary between departments with the most common opening hours being 8:00 A.M., 8:30 A.M., or 9:00 A.M. and closing at 4:30 P.M. or 5:00 P.M. Supervisors will provide specific working hours based on established work schedules. Variations from standard schedules must be approved by the department head.

Meal Period

The usual lunch hour is 12:00 noon to 1:00 P.M. when most administrative offices are closed. Departments may stagger staff lunch breaks to provide office coverage during this time. However, for non-exempt employees Washington State Law requires a minimum 30 minute meal period if the employee works more than five (5) consecutive hours. It is to be given not less than two (2) hours nor more than five (5) hours from the beginning of the shift. If the employee is required to remain on duty on the premises or at a prescribed worksite it is counted as work time. An additional 30 minute meal period is to be given before or during overtime if an employee is working three (3) or more hours beyond an eight (8) hour workday.

Rest Breaks

Federal labor law allows nonexempt staff a rest period of ten minutes for each four hours of working time. This time is not accrued as compensatory time if not taken. Where the nature of the work allows staff to take intermittent rest periods equivalent to ten minutes for each four hours worked, scheduled rest periods are not required.

Summer Hours

Whitman College observes summer hours for the campus beginning the Monday after commencement and ending the Monday before convocation. Staff continue to work the same number of hours as during the academic year, but departments may provide an earlier starting time and/or a one-half hour lunch break to allow offices to close at 4 P.M. Notification of the summer schedule is provided by the Human Resources Office.


Full time non-exempt employees normally work a 40-hour work week. While some jobs or events may necessitate alternative workweek schedules to accommodate work, others may call for additional work hours, and we recognize that occasionally some projects require work in excess of the normal work week. Non-exempt staff working in excess of 40 hours in any one work week (Sunday through Saturday) must be paid at a rate of one and one-half times their regular hourly rate. Paid leave such as holidays, sick leave and vacation do not count as hours worked in computing overtime.

Overtime work should be pre authorized by a supervisor. Because of the impact on the employee and financial costs, overtime should be minimal and a deliberate decision based on the needs of the work and college.

(Updated 06/21/2023)


The College is committed to assisting staff in their professional development and to improving their job performance. Training programs are coordinated by the Human Resources Office. Supervisors are responsible for on-the-job training

Performance Appraisal

A written performance appraisal will be completed annually for all regular staff. Your supervisor will discuss the appraisal with you and you will be given the opportunity to add your comments. The purpose of the appraisal is to let you know your strengths, make suggestions for improvements, and to establish mutually agreed upon goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

Salary Review

Your supervisor, department head, and budget officer review your performance and salary annually. Staff will be considered for both equity and merit salary adjustments. Salary adjustments will vary from year to year, depending upon the financial circumstances of the College, the rate of inflation, and the quality of the performance of the individual. Salary adjustments take effect July 1, and notice will normally be mailed to the staff in May.

Promotion and Transfer

Staff wishing to be considered for internal openings must follow application instructions on posted position announcements. When openings become available, the College will consider all interested, qualified in-house candidates. Selection is on the basis of qualifications and performance.

Standards of Conduct

The College expects all staff to maintain a high standard of conduct. The following are examples of unacceptable conduct:

  • Excessive absences or lateness.
  • Neglect of college property.
  • Violations of safety rules.
  • Excessive personal use of the telephone.
  • Use of abusive language.
  • Drug or alcohol use on the job.
  • Any conduct which results in the abuse, harassment, or intimidation of other members of the college community on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, marital status, national origin, the presence of any physical disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local laws.
  • Conduct which disrupts college activities.
  • Failure to turn in found property regardless of appearance and condition.
  • Theft of college property or that of other staff or students.
  • Insubordination or refusing to follow instructions.
  • Intoxication (including the effects of illegal drugs) during working hours.
  • Deliberate injury to another person.
  • Violating a confidence; unauthorized release of confidential information.
  • Other actions that in the supervisor’s or manager’s judgment seriously threaten the well-being of the College or any employee, student, or guest of the College.


Staff may be terminated with or without cause. Staff who voluntarily resign are requested to give at least two weeks notice in writing of their intent to terminate.


If you feel a termination action taken by the College has been unfair, you may contest it through the Grievance Procedures outlined in the "Policies and Procedures" section of this handbook.

Last Day of Employment

An employee’s termination date will be the date last worked. Unused vacation time may not be used to extend the termination date or to prolong College paid benefits coverage. Unused vacation will be paid out in the final check.

Exit Interview

Whenever possible, the Human Resources Office will conduct an exit interview with staff who are leaving regular employment with the College. The Human Resources Office will collect the employee’s ID card. Supervisors will collect keys and other security or department materials.

Rehire Policy

Staff rehired by the College within three months of their termination date will be credited with their previous length of service for calculating eligibility for all benefit plans.

Staff rehired by the College after three months but within twelve months of their termination date will be credited with their previous length of service for calculating eligibility for all benefits except medical and dental.

Staff rehired by the College more than twelve months after their termination date will not be given credit for their previous length of service for calculating eligibility for any benefits except the retirement plan.

Employment of Relatives

Relatives of Whitman College staff may be hired or transferred except where either would: 1) have authority or practical power to supervise, appoint, remove or discipline the other; 2) audit the other’s work; 3) create the reality or appearance of improper influence or favor. When marriage of staff would create a prohibited situation, a change in employee placement will be required.

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