Welcome to Whitman College Off-Campus Studies (OCS)! We believe that an understanding of a culture or region other than one's own is an essential part of a liberal arts education and a key to developing future leaders in an increasingly interdependent global society.

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It is hard to actually express what my experience abroad meant to me. I can say though that my time abroad in Nantes changed me for the better. Before leaving, I was not sure I would be able to do it. Not that I wouldn't get on the plane and land and roll my suitcase to my new home, but that I wouldn't be able to have the experience I wanted. I worried I would be too afraid to go out of my comfort zone, too timid to actually connect with any new people, and too unsure to let anything change my life in any enormous or extremely meaningful ways. Not only did I find that I was wrong about France in its abilities to make this happen, but I was wrong about myself. I found out that I really was capable of adapting to new surroundings, and living in a different way than I had before. I was able to function far away from anything I was familiar with, and connect with so many people I would not have met otherwise. Noelle Butler '16

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