Welcome to Whitman College Off-Campus Studies (OCS)! We believe that an understanding of a culture or region other than one's own is an essential part of a liberal arts education and a key to developing future leaders in an increasingly interdependent global society.

What's happening at Whitman OCS...

  • Spring 2017 OCS Participants, the OCS PREDEPARTURE HANDBOOK is ready for your review prior to the Study Abroad Orientation on Dec 10.
  • ENTER OCS IMAGE CONTEST 2016 -  Check out the upcoming OCS Image Contest deadline and guidelines
  • OCS STUDENT BLOGS -  Find out what it's like to live in another country, study on a particular program, and spend 3-4 months away from Whitman. 
  • OCS STUDENT PROGRAM EVALUATIONS - We have in-office binders full of student writings about their OCS experience on specific programs - the pros and cons, money matters, course reviews, instructors, and so much more.  Stop in the office this summer to relax and read. 

Office Information

Memorial Building 205
345 Boyer Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Open Noon Hour
(509) 527-4992
Emergency: (509) 527-5777

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