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Mill Creek College Cabin

Welcome to the Whitman Mill Creek College Cabin! Located just 25 miles from Whitman, this facility is available for short-term use by Whitman students, faculty and staff. The cabin has two bedrooms, each containing 2 bunk beds comfortably sleeping eight people. The kitchen is stocked with plates, cups, pots, pans and cooking utensils. There is a small bathroom and a spacious living room. Weather permitting, cabin users may have a fire in the outdoor fire pit or inside using the wood stove-firewood is available in the wood shed next to the cabin. Experience a relaxing stay at the beautiful Mill Creek Cabin!

Whitman College Mill Creek Cabin
84686 Neotoma Lane
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Phone: 541-558-3746


Please contact the Reid Campus Center office for reservation info (527-5208)

Rental Policy

The following is current (June 1, 2021 information in regard to the College Cabin rental policy. The College Cabin is rented on a first come; first serve basis for weekends only (Friday to Monday

It is available to current Whitman College employees only that have been vaccinated and their direct family (e.g. partner, children).  Bring proof of vaccination or the college summer access badge to pick-up keys.

  1. KEYS MUST BE PICKED UP DURING OFFICE HOURS—No exceptions. Office hours are: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  2. College Cabin rental fees are $60.00 per night. There are no weekday or weekend rates. Check in is from 12:00 noon to 12:00 noon the following day.

  3. Payment must be made at the time you pick up the keys. You may pay by  check, cash or provide the appropriate account code by which the rental fee can be billed at the time you pick up the keys.

  4. Cancellations must be made 7 days in advance, or charges will be applied. If you allow another group to use your reservation, please contact the Reid Campus Center office to update the rental record.

  5. Please turn off all lights and heat prior to leaving. Turn off the oven and all burners on the stove. Check the phone to see if it is working. Shut all windows and lock both doors. Report any problems to the Reid Campus Center office.

  6. Do not leave any food on the premises. If you haul it in, you need to haul it  out. 

  7. Remove all garbage from the premises before you leave.

  8. You must provide your own bedding and pillows; mattresses and mattress covers are provided. Please do not remove the mattresses from the beds.

  9. There are a limited number of cooking and serving supplies. Please refer to the inventory list and if you need additional items, plan to bring your own. If you use the grill, you will need to provide your own charcoal.

  10. You are expected to sweep and vacuum. Wipe out the refrigerator and clean the stovetop, oven, countertops and cupboards. Clean out the grill, and  leave the cabin as you would want to find it.

  11. When the weather is extremely dry, refrain from starting campfires. Be very careful with all smoking materials.


  13. Not following these requirements may revoke the privilege of using the College Cabin.


Whitman College Mill Creek Cabin
84686 Neotoma Lane
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Phone: 541-558-3746

The College Cabin is 14.0 miles from the Tausick Way/Isaacs Street intersection. Go east on Isaacs Street and it turns into Mill Creek Road. You remain on Mill Creek Road until you turn right onto Neotoma Lane, on which the College Cabin is located. 

There are two forks in the road you have to negotiate when locating the College Cabin. The first one is 2.5 miles from the Tausick Way/Isaacs Street  intersection. Stay to the left and go over the hill to remain on Mill Creek Road—do not take the lower fork, which is 5 Mile Road. 

The second fork in the road is 7.0 miles from the Tausick Way/Isaacs Street  intersection. Stay to the right and take the lower fork to remain on Mill Creek  Road—do not go to the left and up the hill, as this is Blue Creek Road. 

At 11.5 miles from the Tausick Way/Isaacs Street intersection, the pavement will  stop and you will be driving on a gravel road (Oregon border). At this point, you are only 2.5 miles away from the College Cabin. After driving 1.5 miles on the  gravel road, you will see a sign on your left that states, “Klicker Homestead,”  Neotoma Lane is at the bottom of an “S '' curve and is on your right. Turn onto  Neotoma Lane and you will see a locked gate. At this point, the College Cabin is  3/10 of a mile down the road. Stay to the left and you will drive over a covered bridge. At this point the road is very winding; please drive slowly and carefully. When you come to a fork in the road, stay to the right and you will pull up directly  in front of the Cabin. The College Cabin has an aluminum roof.

Cabin Inventory List


12 Sectional Lounge Chairs
15 Plastic Chairs
2 End Tables
8 Bunk Beds
8 Mattresses
8 Mattress Covers
1 Table Lamp
1 Airtight Wood Stove
1 Outdoor Picnic Table
2 Small Outdoor Picnic Benches
1 Outdoor Grill (provide your own charcoal) 

Kitchen Supplies 

1 Refrigerator
1 Electric Stove
1 Electric Can Opener
1 Electric Toaster
1 Electric Coffeepot
1 Double Sink
25 Plates/Bowls
25 Plastic Drinking Glasses
15 Mugs Silverware for 25
4-Piece Mixing Bowl Set
2 Plastic Salad Bowls 1 5-qt. Stainless Steel Colander
3 Juice Pitchers
2 Cheese Graters
Large/Small Kitchen Knives
Wooden/Slotted Spoons Ladles/Spatulas
1 Bottle Opener
1 Lemon Juicer
1 12-qt. Kettle
1 Set Measuring Cups/Spoons
2 Sauce Pans
2 Cookie Sheets
1 Brownie Pan
1 Muffin Tin
4 Frying Pans
1 Oven Broiler Pan
1 Kettle Oven Mitts
2 Cast Iron Skillets
1 Salt & Pepper Shaker Dish Towels  

Cleaning Supplies 

1 Vacuum Cleaner
1 Mop w/Bucket
1 Broom w/ Dustpan
1 Commode Brush
Commode Plunger
Dish Soap/ Mr. Clean 


2 Fire Extinguishers
First Aid Kit (in kitchen)
Light Bulbs
1 30-gallon Garbage Barrel
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Bathroom Hand Soap
Trash Liners     

Cleaning Checklist

BEFORE LEAVING THE CABIN, the following items must be completed and cleaned accordingly or a fee will be applied.

_________ Vacuum all carpets.

_________ Sweep and mop all floors.

_________ Remove all garbage and trash. Replace garbage can liners in kitchen and bathroom.

_________ Wipe down countertops, cupboards and tables through the cabin.

_________ Clean out the refrigerator. DO NOT turn it off.

_________ Turn off the oven and all burners on the kitchen stove.

_________ Close the wood stove up tight.

_________ Close all windows and shutters.

_________ Turn all wall heaters down to the mark indicated.

_________ Turn out all the lights.

_________ Lock both the front and back door

_________ If you use the grill, clean it out.

_________ If you use the fire pit, please double check that the fire is out and any unburned trash is removed.

*Please report any problems/ maintenance issues/ concerns regarding the cabin to the Reid Campus center when you return the keys.

Due to the fact that the Mill Creek College Cabin is located approximately 25 miles from the closest medical facility and the winding, gravel roads make for hazardous driving conditions; Whitman College requires that all users of the cabin agree to the following:

  • There will be NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or ILLEGAL DRUG use at the Whitman College Cabin.  Individuals and/or groups who violate this policy will be denied future use of the facility and will receive a minimum $250.00 fine.
  • There will be NO FIREARMS, EXPLOSIVES and OTHER DANGEROUS WEAPONS (including archery) permitted at the College Cabin.  Individuals and/or groups who violate this policy will be denied future use of the facility.  Neighbors of the College Cabin have been instructed to call the Sheriff's Department if they hear gunshots.
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