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Intramural Ultimate

There's nothing like wearing a cut-off flannel and tossing the disc on a warm spring day. IM frisbee provided a chill space to explore the fast-paced game of ULTIMATE. My favorite throw is the flick and of course the HAMMER -Mary LeBlanc '15

Sport: Ultimate Frisbee

Location: Ankeny, Harper Joy, or Borleske Stadium (depending on availability)

Competition and atmosphere:

IM ultimate Frisbee is a self-sufficient intramural sport. Players lay out the dimensions of the field with shoes, water bottles, or cones and during the game they call their own fouls. Teams compete against each other until one team reaches 13 points and wins by at least two points. Each team consists of up to three club players but is only allowed up to two male club players. IM ultimate gives club players a chance to play freely with their friends who aren’t on the club team. Many teams are formed in students’ first years at Whitman and stick together throughout their four years here on campus.

Please Click Here to See Ultimate Rules

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